AMD and chip manufacturers to face Intel

AMD chip manufacturer

AMD, ARM, and some other chip manufacturers announced the establishment of alliance are ready to face Intel. The Alliance is a non-profit consortium that aims to establish a new computing standard.

As quoted from TechEye, the alliance called Heterogenous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation. The alliance was announced at AMD Fusion Developer Summit and founding members include Imagination Technologies, MediaTek, and Texas Instruments.

According to Digitimes, they will promote open standards-based approach in a heterogeneous computing (various) and broadly support the existing ecosystem. It is said to be easier for developers to develop applications that are optimal for today's processors.

Through standardization of heterogeneous programming model, developers can more easily and cost-effective to develop a new software. Heterogenous System Architecture Foundation will help welcome the arrival of the next era of innovation, ranging from presenting a new experience for the user to increase the cloud-based data management.

As a consortium, Heterogenous System Architecture Foundation is open to all professionals in the computing industry is interested in encouraging the emergence of new computing era. Its members provide development solutions that are good for heterogeneous computing.

Samsung Notebook Series 9 features

Samsung Notebook Series 9
Notebook Series 9

Samsung Notebook Series 9 features. Samsung recently announced officially the new thinnest notebook products, second-generation Notebook Series 9 with a thickness of 12.9 millimeters. This Samsung Notebook is not only claimed to have a unique and elegant design, but also designed with excellent features.

The superior notebook features include Samsung Fast Solutions, making the device capable of booting process takes just 9.8 seconds. Fast Start to ensure that new notebook can burn takes 1.4 seconds from Sleep position.

In addition, there is also Fast Browsing web search service that provides two times faster. Then, the Samsung Notebook Series 9 with the latest 13-inch screen features an anti-aging technology (the longer battery life) and a battery life of up to 7.3 hours.

Advanced notebooks will start circulating June 22, 2012 adopted a third-generation processors, Intel Core i5. 4GB of embedded memory and 128GB SSD.

Samsung's latest notebook technology brings slim bezel makes the screen more sleek than its competitors.

Samsung Notebook Series
Samsung Notebook

Carrying the HD + display (16 million colors) SuperBright Plus is claimed to provide 180 percent brighter screen as well as anti-reflective coating to optimize the use of the outdoors.

There are auto-sensing and auto backlit keyboard, so that the portable computer device can adjust the lighting conditions in the vicinity. Providing optimal brightness, even in a dark room and light.

"Samsung Notebook Series 9 has been designed to display the aerodynamic design and sleek components are made specifically with the design of aluminum is given a shiny finish with no impression," said Yoo Young Kim, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics.

Samsung is targeting the new output device with a tag of USD 1500 in professional circles. This notebook is perfect for those who are mobile.

Not only the portability of the underdog, but the maximum device performance and equipped with excellent notebook features.

"With the thinnest design and performance improvement, I believe that The New Samsung Notebook Series 9, will strengthen the notebook business," he concluded.

Xperia tipo and Xperia miro new smartphone from Sony

Sony Xperia miro
Xperia miro

Xperia tipo and Xperia miro new smartphone from Sony. Recently, Sony introduced newest smartphone. This time, the Japanese company announced two new Xperia series based operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the Xperia tipo and Xperia miro.

As quoted from from PCR Online, for Xperia miro, Sony dubbed the new smartphone "special smartphone is fun". Focus on the side of social media by using a smartphone, Xperia miro has a colored illumination for incoming messages.

Comes with a 3.5-inch screen, Sony Xperia miro comes with a 5MP camera and wrapped with a wide selection of colors like black, black / pink, white, white / gold.

The second smart phone, Sony Xperia tipo of these have a more affordable price and easy to use. Xperia tipo is deliberately aimed at customers who buy their first smartphone.

Xperia tipo has a smaller screen than the Xperia miro, the 3.2 inch screen with scratch resistant mineral glass. For business object target, Sony Xperia tipo equip with 3.2 MP camera and is available in a choice of red, white, blue, black.

Digital Lomo camera with unique effects

Lomo camera

Digital Lomo camera with unique effects. Instagram application brings retro effects to world. This unique effect had already been carried Lomo camera. The old style photo effect is also supported by older technology film.

Lomo camera users can share the picture on the social network after going through the scanning process. You can also repro a printed photo. But, now there's an easier way to digital Lomo camera.

This digital camera already contains a filter to a photo style ala lomo camera. Reddish tinge to the edge of black frame can you create with the use of this digital Lomo camera. The price is still a lot that is parallel with the original Lomo camera.

These two digital cameras with lomo effects to choose from:

JoCo VX5
JoCo VX5 camera has a retro effect Lomo with CMOS sensor. This 12MP camera flash supported to help take pictures when the lighting is low.

digital Lomo camera
If you have to wait for the Lomo camera digital photo printing, this camera has a 2.4 inch LCD screen to see results faster shooting. Captured will be stored using the SD memory card as a JPEG file.

Lomo camera with SLR classic designs of the past has 6 filters. In addition to the normal mode, you can produce black and white photo with the filter Orea. Antique photo with a yellowish color filter produced Rays. All photos framed with black edges.

Various styles strange photos were provided. Negative effects similar photos with a sense of mystery can filter the resulting X-Files. Hermit filter gives a tinge of anger for a romantic impression. Greenish color filter can be obtained by Algae. To suggest confusion, Bubbles is blue filters you can use.

In contrast to the analog Lomo, VX5 can record video. Embedded microphone can pick up the sound when you record a video. You can also watch a video with connectivity to the TV. The camera digital is priced in the range of USD 110.


digital camera

This digital Lomo camera weighs only 21gram only. X-Version cameras are super tiny, measuring 0.75 x 0.91 x 2:09 inches. Despite the cute, this camera has a 1.95 MP CMOS sensor. You can take pictures with a resolution of 1.280 x 1.200.

This digital camera has 64MB internal memory. You can add more memory with microSD card. In fact, you can also record video in AVI format.

Although small, this camera store five types of filters. Yellow mode produces the impression of old classics such as photos. Vivid Mode color saturation adds to the picture. Chocolate fashion Sefia Young added effect. Ben modes such as injecting ink blue in color photos. Noise pumping mode color contrast makes the image more dynamic.

With the mini size, this camera you can make a key chain. Each view of interesting objects, you can quickly shoot straight. Shocks such as the unique image using a Digital Lomo camera experience is retained.

ASUS rumored tablet Google Nexus

tablet Google Nexus
tablet Google Nexus

ASUS with Google has long been rumored to be ready to release a new tablet PC in the range of popular devices, tablet Google Nexus. Confirmation of the rumors are finally emerging from the statements coming out of one speaker ASUS at Computex exhibition, Taipei.

As quoted from Softpedia, the event last week at Computex, ASUS representative who revealed the secret of the device will come, though not mentioning the name. Strongly suspected that the device will come this is a tablet Google Nexus.

According to Android Authority, a new tablet device mentioned it will be revealed before the end of this month. Sources also said that there will be something amazing advanced devices are linked.

Reportedly, Google will make an official statement about the device at conference Google I / O in San Francisco this month. Made by ASUS, the device is expected to provide the best performance capabilities and is priced at an affordable price.

Rumors circulated earlier also revealed that the tablet PC will carry a 7-inch touch screen. Besides adopting Nvidia Tegra 3 processor is embedded in it.

The tablet is also expected to be released with the tag of between USD200 to USD250. The rumors also suggest that the emerging Nexus tablet that runs on the latest version of the Android platform, the Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.
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