BlackBerry Bold 9900 equipped BlackBerry Internet Service package

Telkomsel a Telecommunication operator brings bundling package the BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone equipped BlackBerry Internet Service package (BIS).
BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9900

The presence of this BIS package makes them the first phone operator to provide the BlackBerry Bold 9900 for customers and have started to deliver the device to some of Telkomsel Priority customers are elected.

For information, other operators, namely XL Axiata first held a pre-order service, which since August 26, 2011 until 16 September 2011 for those who want to get the latest BlackBerry series through their site.

Held at the price of Rp5,999 million, initially Telkomsel deploy these pre-orders for 6 to 16 September 2011. However, as the high public interest, the pre-order was extended until 22 September 2011.

Heru Sukendro, General Manager of Device Management Bundling Telkomsel said, after a pre-order, corporate customers can pick and MobiLife GraPARI in a number of Telkomsel.

As for regular customers, making the goods can be carried out at the booth Telkomsel on 23-25 ​​September 2011, coinciding with the launch event at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

Buyer bundling packages BlackBerry Bold 9900 can also activate the free BlackBerry Internet Service Unlimited. Furthermore, customers will get a special package for pushmail services, browsing, chat using BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and Windows Live Messenger, as well as social networking using Facebook, Twitter, and My Space is unlimited.

"We recognize the rapid growth of BlackBerry customers should be supported by value-added services that better," he added. "Therefore, in addition to improving service quality by increasing the bandwidth capacity, we also give customers the opportunity to get a package bundling the latest BlackBerry," he said.

For information, BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone generation developed by RIM, which is only 10.5 mm thick. With stainless steel frame, dimpled surface, the protective composite, and supported the BlackBerry operating system 7, the product is claimed to be very rich in features as well as lightweight and durable.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the first BlackBerry product supported NFC (Near Field Communications) or short range communication features that can provide new ways to interact with the environment and can connect to other devices that support NFC and smart tags.

HTC sued Apple to save Product Sales in United States market

This time HTC sued its competitors, Apple, in order to save their EVO series product sales in the United States. Last July, Apple sued to HTC because the suspect HTC Android device like EVO 4G, EVO 3D, and Evo View 4G violate Apple's patents.

As is known, the HTC is a company which manufactures tablets and phones EVO series. Now HTC is behind Apple's alleged attempt to divert from market competition to court.

Following up on the direction of the International Trade Commission (ITC) related to Apple, HTC offers a new negotiate on Apple in hopes to protect sales of its products in the United States market.

HTC sued Apple with the help of nine patents obtained from Google. As quoted by Good and Evo, 9 September 2011, Apple was sued because a Mac computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iCloud, and iTunes to upgrade the software violates patents in wireless cable, transfer data between the microprocessor and support chips, a method to store user preferences , a way to provide consistent contact between application software and a modem.

Patent in question in the lawsuit last previously owned by Palm, Motorola, and Openwave Systems subsequently purchased by Google last year. And earlier this year, the patent is transferred to the HTC.

Although many parties disagree on the legitimacy of various claims of this patent, the analysts agree on two things. HTC lawsuit is now getting stronger and just like Apple, HTC do anything to protect their market share.

Amazon Tablet Computer waiting Launched into Market

Amazon tablet computer
Amazon tablet computer

Amazon tablet computer was ready and just waiting to be launched into the market.

Technology blog site TechCrunch claims to have tested the Amazon tablet computer that would also be named the Amazon Kindle - the exact name of the digital book reader devices.

According to MG Siegler of TechCrunch, the look and size of Amazon tablet computers is very similar to BlackBerry Playbook. 7-inch tablet that uses a capacitive touch screen that supports multi-touch input.

The tablet is to adopt the Android operating system, but it was similar to other Android. The main screen display such as carousel Cover Flow on the software on Apple computers, which will display the content of the tablet such as collection of books, applications, videos, and so on.

Amazon tablet computer also would not provide the services Google and the Android Market, but Amazon provides a range of services that are highly integrated with these tablets. This tablet uses Amazon's Android AppStore. Features of electronic book readers like the Kindle is an application on Android or in the IOS.

While the music player is the Amazon Cloud Player, video player is Amazon Instant Video Player. Capacity of 6 GB of internal storage, because it is designed as a 'cloud device'.

Amazon plans to sell the tablet is about the end of November 2011, a price that only half of the iPad price of U.S. $ 250. When the tablet is a success, Amazon plans to release its 10-inch version in the first quarter 2012.

According to Forrester Research, predicted the end of this year Amazon was able to sell between 3-5 million this tablet computer. Amazon tablet computer will be a significant challenger to the Apple iPad tablet computer.
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