Norton 360 Everywhere security application

Norton 360 Everywhere
Norton 360 Everywhere

Norton 360 Everywhere security application have been circulating globally, though it has not landed in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. In the next few months, security applications made ​​by Symantec that will be used by the owners of the gadgets in the country.

"Norton 360 everywhere has been launched across the world, but not in Australia and Indonesia. The launch in Indonesia is still in draft. Maybe a month or two months more to be announced," said Norton Internet Safety Advocate and Director, Asia, Consumer Business, Effendy Ibrahim, as quoted from okezone.

Security system Norton 360 Everywhere is a security system with a code that can be used for multiple devices. "The concept of this security application is based on the number of devices. For example, five or ten devices in accordance with those of the family," he said.

According to him, with an activation code is owned by a variety of devices can be protected from malware attacks. For example, a code is used for protection in a smartphone's wife, husband, and then to PC and laptop.

"The license can be recycled from one device to another. Requirement is the amount does not exceed the quota. For example, selecting quota 5 people, the origin does not exceed the amount that can still be used," he explained.

He added that the current global security system, Norton 360 Everywhere is priced at approximately USD100-120.

Logitech Touch Mouse M600 has touch responsive surfaces

Logitech Touch Mouse M600
Logitech Touch Mouse M600

Logitech mouse manufacturer introduced the Logitech Touch Mouse M600. This Swiss company claims the new wireless mouse has a touch responsive surfaces.

According to the Channel Sales Manager Logitech Indonesia, Ismail Maksum, Logitech Touch Mouse M600 is sensitive to touch because it has a touch-responsive surfaces. "With a premium design and is targeted for customers ages 20 to 30 years, this wireless mouse is perfect for active people. In addition, because the surface of the touchscreen is responsive, early users will also be easier to use," said Ismail at FX Mall, as quoted from okezone.

For user convenience, Logitech Touch Mouse M600 comes with the ability to be able to navigate scroll, sweep and surf naturally by putting finger on the mouse.

One of the highlights in this new mouse is the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver can be connected to a maximum of six mouse and keyboard as well as via a USB port.

"We have a lot of wireless products, because we see the trend is that way. For the mouse, we will always adjust to developments in technology and its range will remain wide," said Country Manager of Logitech Indonesia, Kurniadih Sutanto.
Logitech Touch Mouse M600 has been marketed with priced at USD 69,99.

Samsung Galaxy S III has two colors

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S III

Not long again Galaxy S 3 is launch time, information about the Samsung Galaxy S III is also increasingly add a sense of curiosity. Now, according to information leaked Samsung's latest smartphone has two colors, white and blue.

Are you buff blue or white? if it's true colors, it could be good news. Because the information leaked from Carphone Warehose ordering system mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy S III is available in two color choices.

As quoted from Pocket-lint, although an image that contains the information was leaked, but not yet certain. to date, no confirmation of any of the management of Samsung.

Interestingly, as expressed by GSM Arena, similar to the color selection of earlier news. Note Galaxy at AT & T are wrapped with a Carbon Ceramic Blue and White.

Moreover, in related news also mentioned that China sites find a screen protector for Galaxy S III. If a suitable screen protector, then the Galaxy S III is predicted to be packed with 4.8-inch screen sizes.

Rumors about the form and supporting a series of Galaxy S III was often popping up. So to be sure as to what form the smartphone, we have to wait for Samsung's event will be held in London on May 3 local time carried out.

Online learning platform for free

Online learning
Online learning

Did you know... Prestigious U.S. universities, Harvard University and MIT open classes for free on the internet. This service can be enjoyed by students around the world. Edxonline combined program uses an online learning platform MIT, MITx.

Partnership Harvard with the MIT provides a variety of courses, including the Circuits and Electronics. A total of 120 thousand students around the world can try out this course.

Courses are offered through this through video lectures, online quizzes, and examination of real-time. Students will receive a certificate of expertise based on their learning outcomes.

In recent years, the growing online learning system. With the support of high-level internet connection, adequate computer and assistive technologies such as cloud computing can help the implementation of this educational system. Edx into the newest and most prestigious in the splendor of this online education.

The Edx online learning platform also helps MIT and Harvard education institutions to attract the brightest students from around the world, as quoted from page

Director of Computer Science and MIT Artificial intelligence Laboratory, Anant Agrawal said edx also involves a new way to learn online with a machine that is programmed to assess the test.

Agrawal in charge of guarding the program explains, new experiments can be done to explore how people learn and improve the process.

When asked who the leader of the trends this interactive lesson, Agrawal pointed to Salman Khan. Graduate of MIT and Harvard is starting this method to teach his cousin via YouTube. Salman Khan now create an online learning platform, Khan Academy.

Smartphone users want better camera features

smartphone camera
smartphone camera

HTC believes if every smartphone users tend to want a better camera features. According to them, a better camera that should satisfy several criteria.

"In every survey that asked whether the desired features of smartphones, answers about the features better cameras come in many different countries. What features of this camera is better?," Said Head of Product Marketing Samudro Seto HTC Indonesia, as quoted from okezone.

"First is the phone camera quality. Not just megapixel camera, but there is an image sensor to the processor's own smartphone which influence each other," he added.

Furthermore Samudro added, the second thing to consider is speed. The point is the consideration that people usually use smartphone camera to the important moments which are not planned. Moments quickly and never return. "Fast camera is needed in order not to lose this moment," he added.

HTC smartphone
HTC smartphone

In addition, smartphone users are also important to assess the video feature. According to him, this feature is always used in every country and has value as important as the still image (the camera).

"Of the three of them that we started. HTC then make devices that can provide the best camera experience," he said explaining the reason HTC chose to sponsor a camera phone.

Although three of the above is subject to almost the smartphone user experience with the camera, there are still things that need to be deeper. "To be the best camera, there are three areas that must be explored," he explained.

The first thing disclosed is a master of light. That is, the camera in smartphone should be used in a variety of mood lighting. Whether it's low light, no light and when light is bright. "The quality of light we should be able to grasp," said Samudro.

In addition smartphones features, there is a point high speed shooting speed camera capturing the image. For example, when doing continuous shooting can continuously shoot up to 99 times with a gap of just 0.2 seconds per image.

Finally, he is the user experience when using the smartphone camera to record video. "This is a new area that will be our focus," said Samudro about it.

iPhone 5 feature has self destruct

iPhone 5 feature
iPhone 5

The future smartphone, iPhone 5 is scheduled to be launched in four quarter 2012. More recently, circulating iPhone 5 video has self-destruct feature.

According to reports, Apple's smartphone uses Siri feature to run the Assistant built-in. With these features, the iPhone's screen will be destroyed if they are in the wrong hands. Thus as quoted from Emirates247.

Video of the animation studio Aatma explain how these features may destroy the device. In the video 32 seconds to load, if the iPhone was in the wrong hands the device will be automatically destroyed.

A lot of information circulating about the next generation smartphone from Apple. Earlier, a report revealed a redesign on the body of the latest iPhone. Computerworld site claims Apple will use exotic materials called LiquidMetal to iPhone 5. Apple itself has poured $ 30 million to acquire rights to LiquidMetal in 2010 ago.

LiquidMetal material in question is a mixture of several different metals. Implementation of these materials makes the iPhone 5 is more resilient to the external appearance resembles a liquid.

LG consider Windows Phone

Windows Phone
Windows Phone

Phonetechno predicts if Nokia with Microsoft mobile operating system causing other manufacturers to consider the future of their mobile Windows Phone, such as LG.

After read from TechRadar, LG is one smartphone manufacturers are considering adopting it. Because the current Windows Phone sellers around the world seems still low.

Uncover the news circulated that LG says they do not intend to make another Windows Phone handset in the near future. But on the other hand, South Kore-based company will continue to evaluate platform through his R&D platform.

"Total Windows Phone sold in global markets is not the numbers mean," said a LG spokesman for Korea Herald.

Nokia itself has become the most visible producers in Windows Phone platform, especially since the signing of a collaboration with the brand a year ago. They believe the move will be to alienate other manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung.

However, since then other companies like Fujitsu and ZTE have joined the ranks of Windows Phone. This makes the LG feels strange decision, although citing lackluster sales figures.

Whether this will be the beginning of the exodus from Windows Phone platform, or will the launch of Apollo (Windows Phone 8) in the future can help attract interest in LG?

Mark Zuckerberg in Viddy video applications

Mark Zuckerberg in viddy
Mark Zuckerberg in viddy

Did you know... Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg was also interested in Viddy, video applications that have attracted the Apple App Store. Evidently, Zuckerberg joined with other users using the application which is often referred to as Instagram for videos.

As quoted from Mashable, recently Vidyy successfully stood a leading position among the crowd of social video application that includes Mobli, vYou and Tout. Evidently, the startup has just managed to earn 15 million users and according to The New York Times adds approximately 300 thousand new users every day.

Viddy is enjoying popularity in the iPhone with managed App Of The Week. In addition to sharing video, this application also has a special effect such as in Instagram, for example there are BW (Black and White), Crystal, and Vintage.

Meanwhile, unlike some competitors, Viddy also managed to attract investors from the entertainment industry such as Shakira, Jay-Z and Will Smith. Obviously the relationship with the celebrity great help to scoop up new users.

As with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO coming in Viddy also will provide its own interest to introduce this service and attract new users. First video in the post Sunday night raised over two thousand followers.

In addition to a Facebook account and Viddy, Mark Zuckerberg also has a profile on Twitter, Google + and Pinterest. Until now @zuck, so his name in Viddy has had more than three thousand followers, Following 56 and 1 video.

Review Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101

Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101
Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101

Review Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101. Let's recognize that many Asus products considered technology analyst as a breakthrough promising. After Asus Transformer, Asus released the SL101 Asus Eee Pad Slider. Tablet with a 10.1-inch physical keyboard attached like notebook style. Tap, slide, and type into the benefits of Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101.

The new 10.1-inch screen feels right now enjoy video entertainment. SL101 save power dual-core CPU NVIDIA Tegra 2.1.0GHz that supports 1080p video playback smoothly. MiniHDMI port can connect the tablet to the TV.

You can also run multi-tasking to jump to another application by pressing the touch button menu on the Android operating system 3.1.

Supreme Sound speakers with SRS provides a rounded bass boom. With a full sized USB port, you can play videos stored on an external flash or hard disk.

IPS panels are made from Corning Gorilla glass is tough and scratch-resistant. Up to 178-degree viewing angle can be used to watch together. Colorful animated film looks bright here.

Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101 Design
In terms of form, Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101 gives freshness. You do not need to purchase and install additional keyboard such as the Asus Transformer.

A full keyboard like a regular notebook is comfortable for typing long text. Exact size of the button so that leaves room for finger relief. Despite the lack of it leaves room for the hand break.

Asus Tablet SL101 looks compact. However, 10.1-inch screen is too big for labor mobility. Plus the weight of 960 grams which is less convenient for the sustained one hand while on the road. The screen size is too large to be enjoyed in a vertical position. The incorporation of this tablet and notebook mobility and the use of even difficult.

Beyond the goal for mobility, Asus SL101 is more convenient to use while working in the office or home. The screen is tilted so that it is comfortable propped viewed in an upright sitting position.

Polaris Office prepared an application for mobile productivity. You can edit the task of the office on the way. Asus provides Webstorage for unlimited document storage for one year. You can share data easily. Was coupled with cloud computing solutions MyCloud.

Asus SL101
Asus SL101

Apart from the weight and size of the screen, Asus SL101 keep other deficiencies. SL101 camera has poor quality. 5 MP camera sounds promising. But, not to the ability of the low lighting. The photos at night with colored spots disturbing noise. Detail any photo look less sharp. Moreover, without the help of LED flash, shooting at night not only produces beautiful photos to be uploaded to Instagram.

Physical keyboard has not been the best solution on the Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101. Space still feels weird to type. Plus the weight of a relatively heavy for a tablet instead become less compact. If the size of the screen cut to 7-8 inches, maybe Asus Eee Pad Slider can be a portable tablet.

Price Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101: $600
Rival: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus

Specification of Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101
Operating System: Android Honeycomb 3.1 (can update v3.2)
Dimensions: 273 x 180.3 x 17.3 mm, 960 grams
Screen: 10.1 "LED Backlight WXGA (1280x800), multitouch
Memory: 1GB, 16GB/32GB (internal), Unlimited Web Storage ASUS
Connectivity: WLAN 802.11 b / g / n @ 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR, USB 2.0, Mini HDMI, x Audio Jack (Headphone / Mic-In)
Camera: 1.2 MP (front), 5 MP (rear)
Sensor: G-sensor, Light sensor, Gyroscope
Battery: 25Wh Li-Polymer Battery
Standby time: up to 16 hours (with docking station)
Wear time: up to 8 hours (play 720p video, with a bright LCD 60)
Applications: ASUS Launcher, MyLibrary, MyNet, MyCloud, File manager, Kindle books, Zinio Magazine, PressReader, Polaris Office, ASUS sync

Nokia Mistake

Nokia Phone
Nokia Phone

Nokia to end 14 years of dominance in the global handset market. Data released by IHS iSupply and Analitics Strategy (Strategy Analyst) does not bring good news because Nokia mistake. Nokia shares now have a new status, down to the level of BB+.

According to IHS iSuppli, Nokia shipped 83 million units in the first quarter of 2012, while Samsung's 92 million. Strategy Analitics have different numbers that do not change the fate of Nokia. This phone company has 82.7 million mobile phones to send and Samsung 93.5 million units.

Nokia continued to decline for several years. Where is the Nokia mistake? This is the cause, as quoted from page

Nokia Mistake:

Nokia is too slow
Nokia is a pioneer in introducing the smartphone market with the launch of the Symbian Series in 2002. But, during the five-year OS is having problems reaching the top position in the market.

When the 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone. However, Nokia is too late to respond to the iPhone until a few years. Aging than the Symbian platform appears freshness IOS and Android. Exploding smartphone market by increasing consumer demand rather than relying on phone WAP browser.

"Nokia should respond Apple more quickly. They do not jump to Windows Phone until 2011. Now they are suffering because of this delay," said senior analyst at IHS.

Nokia old

Fortunately Android, Windows Phone stump
Samsung has ramped up to speed with Android. Now they are testing the "food" new Nokia, Windows Phone. Nokia still have to wait for Windows Phone provides a significant advantage.

"Samsung chose Android at the right time. Since Samsung has become a dominant player in the realm of Android, they can climb another platform on the rise," explained analyst at Strategy Analytics, Alex Spektor.

Above and below the injured
Nokia is slow to embrace the smartphone market. Company commanded by Stephen Elop is no competition on the market anticipates lower middle class. China and Taiwan vendors such as HTC, Huawei, and ZTE hit from below the target of developing countries.

Serial organization
Apple has set the release under the umbrella brand of cellphone iPhone. Samsung adopted this style with the flagship Galaxy series, Samsung Galaxy S. Consumers are waiting for the latest product of this series.

Execution Nokia struggled in recent years. In 2011, Nokia had just returned to the Windows Phone. Analysts believe Nokia will be successful with Microsoft.
Lam believes if Nokia could cut expenses and focus on managing the company, then in the short term they can survive.

The older generation
Nokia brings nostalgia classic Snake game in the series. Unfortunately, consumers in developing countries has been to associate Nokia with old technology. Today, the world wants the latest and most sophisticated devices.

"Nokia is an old brand. Samsung viewed as an innovator. Nokia has a legacy of the traditional game Brick and candybar phones," Lam from IHS.

That is Nokia mistake so make Nokia product not dominance again and make Nokia share down.

Apple build own restaurant in California

Apple product
Apple product

Apple intends to build his own restaurant in California. The restaurant is tailored to the employee from Cupertino so that they can speak openly without fear of revealing company secrets.

Restaurant with two floors of the structure to be built near the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, after the project was approved by the local planning commission. In addition to dining, the restaurant will have an underground garage, lounge area, courtyard and meeting rooms. Thus as quoted form Digital Spy.

Apple is known to be extremely discreet company, primarily related to new products. And the company from California try hard to prevent the entry of scouts.

Previously, the technology company already runs a restaurant in Cupertino, which is named Cafe Mac. However, the cafe is open to people who do not work at Apple.

In his new restaurant, the company is only allowing Apple staff, allowing them to freely discuss current or future projects without fear of being overheard.

In 2010, the tech site Gizmodo ensure the prototype iPhone 4 ahead of the launch, after an Apple employee left it in a bar. Then, reportedly a prototype iphone 4S is alleged to have disappeared in 2011.

Director of Facilities Real Estate Apple, Dan Whisenhunt said "We want to provide a level of security so that employees can feel comfortable talking about their business, research and project whatever they invent a kind of competition without fear of overhearing their conversation."
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