Philippe Starck work on Apple revolutionary product

Apple revolutionary product
Apple revolutionary product

Philippe Starck a famous French designer revealed in an interview that he was working with Apple on a new revolutionary product. Increased the curiosity, this designer reveals that the Apple revolutionary product will be revealed eight months again.

As quoted from Apple Insider, it is conveyed in an interview with France Info radio, without revealing more about the product. "There is a large joint project that will be out in eight months.," Starck said, citing the confidentiality of Apple thus refused to divulge further information.

Philippe Starck said that he met regularly with the co-founder of Apple, who died in October, Steve Jobs.

Meanwhile, Starck has a lot of design work that includes everything from products such as toothbrushes, motor for furniture, interior building up to a windmill.

Because no one knows for sure what products was said Starck, eventually triggering speculation about an Apple TV is reportedly being prepared by the company from Cupertino, California.

Apple TV news is blowing hard enough, there is an early out reports that Apple's design boss, Jony Ive has the Apple 50-inch television in the design studio. In addition to television, Philippe Starck work with Apple could also be associated with other products like the iPhone are redesigned.
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