Sony launch Nasne entertainment device

Nasne entertainment device
Nasne device

In near future, Sony will launch a home entertainment device, named the 'Nasne'. This device is a recording media and internal storage capacity of 500GB.

In addition to the storage media, this entertainment device is also equipped with a TV tuner that allows users to stream through the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Sony tablet and the PC VAIO.

Nasne will run on the PS3 via a special application called the Torne 4.0. Playstation Vita users will also be using Torne version 4.0 to stream content stored via a WiFi connection. Nasne can also export files even when you are recording, and allows the rapid transfer content to Vita.

"We offer a complete and unique experience through Sony Nasne, which serves as a home entertainment center that connects to a variety of Sony products," said CEO of Sony, Kazuro Hirai, as quoted from Game Industry.

"Sony Nasne entertainment device will provide more convenience for users to enjoy television offerings with a new way that allows the watch program in a variety of Sony products through a special application. We will continue to offer attractive products and services that provide customers around the world to inspire and spark curiosity them," he concluded

'Nasne' home entertainment device will be launched in Japan on July 19, 2012 for USD 210. Although the news was circulated, unfortunately Sony has not confirmed for the launch of this latest device in other countries.
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