Latest Blackberry QNX OS can run Android Applications

Have many new surprises that will be presented by blackberry manufacture, Research in Motion through a variety latest BlackBerry mobile phones that will be coming soon. The shock was more than just a new operating system, QNX OS.
Blackberry QNX OS
Blackberry QNX OS

Surprises are presented Research in Motion (RIM) is making access to approximately 250 thousand Android applications that can run on the latest mobile devices from the BlackBerry. This happened because an innovative partnership forged between the rim with Google.

The initial idea to bring Android to the BlackBerry device pioneered by RIM's current flagship tablet, the BlackBerry Playbook. Android was originally used to support the 'App Player' that gives users access to present a variety of applications through the Android Market.

As quoted by TG Daily, Friday (26/08/2011), the latest version of the BlackBerry mobile operating system called QNX and this is also a total modification of the BlackBerry interface which lasted until the last decade.

QNX is an operating system that gets lots of praise, even with strong multitasking capabilities and intuitive design, making RIM ready to compete with the iPhone and Android phones in various international markets.

But some observers deplore why this new operating system is raised today, although the QNX OS that is refreshing and good for RIM, but RIM is still considered to have failed to compete with its rivals.

The use of prime QNX operating system on the BlackBerry, is expected to succeed in 2012 and this might be the last chance RIM to survive in the face of the current smartphone competition.

The ability to run Android applications on BlackBerry devices, is a major step in increasing sales of the Blackberry in the next year and achieve the goals mentioned above.

European Prohibited selling Samsung Galaxy series

Samsung Electronic manufacturers from South Korea, prohibited from selling three models of the Galaxy series smart phone products in several European countries. Because Samsung is considered plagiarized a number of technologies owned by Apple Inc., which sells mobile phones iPhone.
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy

According to BBC news station, August 24, 2011, the decision was made the court in the Netherlands. This is a blow following the Samsung after a court in Germany a few weeks ago prohibiting the distribution of their other mainstay, the tablet computers Galaxy Tab 10.1, in Europe after plagiarizing an Apple product, iPad 2. However, enforcement of the ban was lifted Samsung tablet for a while.

Now, Samsung has to prepare for the prohibition of mobile phone sales Galaxy series. Model that it is forbidden Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy II, and the Galaxy Ace. The market for smart phones are banned it is the Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Enforcement will begin to be applied in seven weeks. In the trial court in The Hague, judges support the Apple lawsuit that Samsung cheating they have patented technology, the EP 2059868. The patent a technology interface for viewing photos and navigating on the touch screen.

Actually, Apple also said that Samsung had plagiarized other patents that they have. However, the judge did not pass those claims.

Responding to the judge, Samsung said going to fight back legally. They believe the ban only applies in the Netherlands. "This ruling has no impact on sales in other European markets," Samsung said in a statement.

Samsung have even suggested that the court decision is an acknowledgment of its own products. "The ruling was an affirmation that the number of models of the Galaxy was innovative and special," Samsung said in a statement.

Like many other technology companies, during this Samsung uses the Netherlands as a gateway for their products to the Europe. Not only the Samsung and Apple who fought each other in court related to patent infringement. Google, Motorola, and Microsoft also compete with each other, both in the marketplace and in court.

Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman, Phone to Listening Music

Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman
Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman

This time Sony Ericsson released new products that offer user satisfaction in music and activity in social networking sites. The phone products is Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman marketed worth Rp999 thousand.

Interestingly, on the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman phone give you a new way of listening music. The mobile phone comes with the latest technology is button Zappin to facilitate the search favorite songs.

"Simply press the button Zappin on the phone, users can listen to the chorus of a song and decide if the song is a song you want to be heard," said Marketing Communications, Sony Ericsson Indonesia, Hanny Sanjaya, in Jakarta, Wednesday, August 24, 2011.

Hanny said, so the song is playing and you like it, simply press Zappin, then the song will connect with a sign Like. Design of touch screen auto rotation and enabling users to change songs or switch to another application.

For musical satisfaction, the phone is backed with 100MB memory and 32GB memory card. This phone comes with a proven battery life to 13 hours. "To listen music, the battery can last up to 13 hours, while video playback can be 4 hours," said Hanny.

In addition to Mix Walkman phones, Sony Ericsson also presented txt Pro which is a 3-inch touch-screen phone with 3.2 megapixel camera and sliding Qwerty keyboard. This phone is integrated with the application of friendship that allows users to enter 5 companions to be visible at a glance status updates.

For connectivity, Sonny Ericsson txt Pro powered with Wi-Fi, modem, micro USB, and 3.5 mm audio jack. This phone is released at a price of Rp1,099 million.

Apple will launch iPhone 4 8GB version

Not long time, Apple will launch iPhone 4 8GB version, Reuters reported on two people who trace their sources.
iPhone 4
iPhone 4

As quoted from Pocket-Lint, Wednesday (24/8/2011), with rumors that the iPhone 5 will launch, also currently circulating the news that Apple will also launch the iPhone with a cheaper price.

Apple lowered the price of their products by reducing the component specification. This step is done so that the iPhone version of the old can still be coupled parallel to the iPhone 5 for sales.

Unlike the old version of the iPad 'buried' so the new version release, Apple still offers something for the products of the previous iPhone in order to retain the market. So the steps taken by Apple for iPhone 4 felt good enough to retain its market.

Reuters claims that the source of the flash memory of 8GB which will installed on the iPhone 4 are in the stage production in Korea. Other sources from Reuters also mentions that the iPhone 5 also will have a touch screen bigger, better antenna and an 8-megapixel camera.

Apple is expected to make an official announcement in September. Until now, even the date of announcement in the media was still confusing.

iPhone to Remote Control for Helicopter

If you want to use your iPhone for something more than just phone calls and enjoy multimedia? Try use your Apple phone (iPhone) into a remote control for the helicopter.

Griffin Technology, a developer of innovative accessories for computers and digital media has a solution. Quoted from Geeky Gadgets, August 23, 2011, they bring Griffin TC Helo RC helicopter.

For remote control, the iPhone will be fitted with extra accessories ie transmitter adapter and special applications. The helicopter itself uses twin rotors are mounted to the aluminum frame and polycarbonate with a black body. The battery can be recharged via USB connection.

For communication, the iPhone will use an infrared transmitter to control the RC helicopter. The transmitter adapter to connect to the iPhone via headphone jack.

Transmitter to be placed on the iPhone itself using the power from 2 AA batteries. Users who want to fly a helicopter could use the applications installed, or using the iPhone's internal accelerometer.

As if the 3.7V 180mAh battery mounted on the helicopter is fully charged, users can fly for about 8 minutes.

Samsung will Introduce the Latest generation Android tablet

Samsung, tablet manufacture saving something big for the first time introduced at the IFA 2011 event in Berlin, Germany. Although still a secret, many observers suspect surprise is not far from the line up tablets Galaxy, which is reaping tremendous success.

One of the most widely heard rumor that the Samsung will introduce the latest generation P6200 tablet, which is an upgrade from their first Android tablet Galaxy 7 inches. This increase alone would focus on strengthening the resolution of the displayed screen.

Rumors in the event the IFA 2011 later, Galaxy 7-inch that will use the new super AMOLED screen with a resolution of SVGA with a resolution of 1024x600 pixel density. So that was launched OLED Display, Monday (08/22/2011).

Samsung itself is now ready to produce HD Super AMOLED screen technology with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels pentile. Pentile technology itself is a renewable technology that can make the screen brighter present, but able to cut with less energy.

In addition, South Korean vendors are also set up AMOLED screen HD Super Plus without pentile technology. This screen is presented to provide better contrast and a bright screen level with the maximum.

There has been no definite information from Samsung, because they still have meetings surprises that will be given until the event will be held next month.

Apple iPad 3 ready for launch in early 2012

iPad 3
iPad 3

We are know iPad 2 is still mastering the tablet PC market, then Apple has reportedly ready to launch iPad 3. The news circulating Apple iPad 3 ready for launch in early 2012.

The Wall Street Journal called, Apple iPad 3 will not launch until later this year. Earlier, the rumored launch iPad 3 was delayed because the retinal display is planned to be installed on the iPad 3 still not ready.

Wall Street Journal report that said, IPAD component suppliers are still doing some test production in October. Apple also said to have ordered the key components such as display panels and chips, so the iPad ready early 2012 launch.

IPad latest generation is expected to display high-resolution display 2048 x 1536, compared with a iPad 2 resolution of 1024 x 768.

Supplier for Apple is also rumored to have made shipping a small number of components for sampling iPad 3. In addition, Apple also said to have ordered the components for the 9.7 inch sail.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal called Apple has been ordered to supply components for the 1.5 million iPad 3 in the fourth quarter.

However, Apple spokeswoman in Beijing, China, Carolyn Wu, declined comment. One of the company's suppliers from Taiwan, Hon Hai Precision Industry, also declined to comment on this news.

PSP-E1000 so Cheap


Recently Sony corporation made the surprise announcement by introducing a new model of the PSP, called PSP-E1000. The new product looks interesting. Have the same screen as the PSP-3000 and compatible with all PSP games earlier.

The product comes with a matching charcoal black color with the sleek PlayStation 3.

However, quoted from the Geek, August 18, 2011, the good news just got there. Because this product has limited features. In addition, the PSP E1000 will not be launched outside the region with PAL video formats.

However, connoisseurs of the game from the United States consider it a good decision to keep them focused for setting options on the PSP-3000 has more capabilities.

PSP-E1000 is available with a fairly frugal was 99 euros. Unfortunately, so cheap, users who want to update the firmware on this gadget can only do it via cable. Because, in the PSP-E1000 does not support WiFi.

In addition, Sony also remove the stereo features such as those in the PSP-3000. In PSP-E1000, there's only monoaural sound, in other words, there is only one speaker. In addition, there is also no video-out feature. However, size is a bit more compact and lighter weight as well.
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