European Prohibited selling Samsung Galaxy series

Samsung Electronic manufacturers from South Korea, prohibited from selling three models of the Galaxy series smart phone products in several European countries. Because Samsung is considered plagiarized a number of technologies owned by Apple Inc., which sells mobile phones iPhone.
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy

According to BBC news station, August 24, 2011, the decision was made the court in the Netherlands. This is a blow following the Samsung after a court in Germany a few weeks ago prohibiting the distribution of their other mainstay, the tablet computers Galaxy Tab 10.1, in Europe after plagiarizing an Apple product, iPad 2. However, enforcement of the ban was lifted Samsung tablet for a while.

Now, Samsung has to prepare for the prohibition of mobile phone sales Galaxy series. Model that it is forbidden Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy II, and the Galaxy Ace. The market for smart phones are banned it is the Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Enforcement will begin to be applied in seven weeks. In the trial court in The Hague, judges support the Apple lawsuit that Samsung cheating they have patented technology, the EP 2059868. The patent a technology interface for viewing photos and navigating on the touch screen.

Actually, Apple also said that Samsung had plagiarized other patents that they have. However, the judge did not pass those claims.

Responding to the judge, Samsung said going to fight back legally. They believe the ban only applies in the Netherlands. "This ruling has no impact on sales in other European markets," Samsung said in a statement.

Samsung have even suggested that the court decision is an acknowledgment of its own products. "The ruling was an affirmation that the number of models of the Galaxy was innovative and special," Samsung said in a statement.

Like many other technology companies, during this Samsung uses the Netherlands as a gateway for their products to the Europe. Not only the Samsung and Apple who fought each other in court related to patent infringement. Google, Motorola, and Microsoft also compete with each other, both in the marketplace and in court.
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