Identity Management a solution to IT company security

information technology security
Information Technology

Threats to Information Technology company's security system can be increased in line with technological developments. When talking about the issue of IT security, everything will be back on one key point, ie the identity.

"The number of applications that are more and more and lead to impaired users increased security," says Siva Belasamy, Regional Sales Director, Enterprise Security, Oracle Asean, as quoted from okezone (March 30, 2012).

Because, with so many applications, people have to memorize so many passwords. So to remember passwords applications, companies will usually be written on paper. According to Siva, it is dangerous.

Coupled with the growth of cloud computing and the increasing number of privately owned mobile devices, raises doubts about the Information Technology company security.

Identity Management solution
Identity Management

"When a view about security, we return to the main points, namely identity," added Belasamy.

The identity of the subject matter in focus to address the challenges Oracle cloud and privately owned mobile devices. Oracle Identity Management solution is claimed as a solution to security problems that can reach all platform applications.

"The reason people hesitate at the cloud is all about identity and data security. You see, the data belongs to us deposited in other places," said Belasamy.

Oracle Database Firewall can be used to match a user's identity provider, such as IP address. This can be likened to building a fence to secure data. When IP is used is different from the registered or commonly used to access the data, then the system will automatically reject.

Then there is privately owned mobile devices, or bring your own devices. These challenges arise due to the increasing number of mobile device users. People who normally access the work from the PC in the office, can now be done through smart phones, tablet, or laptop. So that critical data can be opened from any IT company.

IT security
IT security

This makes it very vulnerable to security. What if a device that functions like your fingerprint is missing?

Oracle Security Solution has features to resolve the issue. "You use the iPhone for approval important papers. System will analyze the habits, ranging from time, place, and IP addresses," he explained.

This means, when users access critical data in the hours outside the box, the system will perform rigorous verification. The same will happen when the device is used for accessing taken out of their home country, or when an ordinary user to access important data from a smart phone, do it through other devices (different IP). Verification is going to ask the user personal matters, such as name or about a question.

New features on Windows 8

features windows 8
Windows 8

In fact, Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 8 is not yet in circulation. But through the preview has been known to test the Start button is now completely replaced with the new features.

Preview test done by P.T. Navcore Nextology reveals Microsoft changes the key button with the Charm Bar feature. It is a universal tool that will still be accessible when users run multiple applications on Windows 8.

Windows users can also swipe gesture from top to bottom on the right side of the screen or press the Windows key + C from the keyboard.

Another innovation that makes it different operating system is Windows 8 implemented Metro UI features, the interface is designed specifically to take advantage of touch screen technology to the fullest.

"Windows 8 brings revolutionary change. Designed not only for the desktop PC platform, but also on the tablet," said Farid Zulkarnain, Vice President of Business Development at PT Navcore Nextology media gathering, as quoted from

"This new feature makes it easy to use Windows 8 naturally in the tablet. The touch screen on the operating system will also provide a new sensation and a different feel to users," he added.

Download Avira Free Mac Security software

Avira Free Mac Security
Avira Free Mac Security

Avira antivirus announce the release of Avira Free Mac Security Software. The anti-virus software is already available and can be downloaded free of charge for users of the Mac platform. You can download Avira Free Mac Security in here Avira Free download.

IT security company launched its new software dedicated to private consumers, professionals and businesses. Avira companies that have been established since 25 years is also claimed, Avira Free antivirus will not display advertising or marketing pop-ups.

Along with the acquisition of market share which increased significantly on the Mac platform, the threat of malware is also higher on the platform. Therefore, Mac users can also spread the virus possible on other operating systems like Windows in a heterogeneous computing environment.

"Here in the Avira security laboratory, we see more viruses, worms and trojans are designed specifically for the Mac. Mac also carry the virus (the platform) Windows when the device is collaborating with PC, mobile devices and other hardware," said Travis Witteveen, Chief Operating Officer Avira, as quoted from BusinessWire March 28, 2012.

To be able to install Avira Free Mac Security, the user must have a Mac with version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion). Some of the anti virus features found in this antivirus, like One-Click Repair, Integrated Scheduler, Real-Time Protection and Multi-Talented-Saving Time Scanning and Remote Management.

"Starting today, we stop the virus of Windows (which tries to creep) and disable malware targeted to Mac platform. And we give Avira Free Mac Security software for all people, so that (device) we can get rid of the virus," Travis Witteveen concluded. This means, all people able to download Avira Free Mac Security antivirus software.

Lexmark Pro915 printer with full features

Lexmark Pro915
Lexmark Pro915

Recently, Lexmark a printer device developer and manufacturer announced a multi-purpose product that enabled printer for office use, the Lexmark Pro915. This printer is claimed to produce good quality documents with full features.

As quoted from PCadvisor (March 28, 2012), although its physical form looks so stiff, but this Lexmark printer has all the major features that are commonly used for office work such as the use of a scanner, fax machine and copier that supports up to 50 pages and is capable of printing two sides.

In addition, Lexmark Pro915 printer with a size of 251 x 465 x 403 millimeters and weighs 9.2 kg supports connectivity such as WiFi and ethernet port. Input tray contained on this printer is capable of storing up to 150 sheets. The Company also provides the option for an additional tray that can accommodate up to 550 sheets.

Lexmark Pinter
Lexmark printer

Printer Lexmark Pro915 also has a 4.3-inch LCD screen with touch screen capabilities and screen saver feature. One of the LCD function is to display a countdown of the current page printing process. For electricity consumption, this printer uses a 32 Watt Universal Power Supply with a range of 100 to 240 volts.

These advanced printers are not only able to provide high quality paper to print the text, but also can print images with sharp quality. However, the print speed of the printer device is priced at more than 250 pounds, this seems less speeding, reportedly Pro915 Lexmark printer capable of printing at 10 pages per minute (ppm) for black and white, and 6 ppm for color.

And Lexmark Pro915 printer with full features is priced at 269 pounds.

Yahoo Meme service will close in April

Yahoo Meme service
Yahoo Meme

Did you know, Yahoo Meme a social network owned by Yahoo, now in a state of dying and getting last the service. Yahoo has announced it will immediately close the microblogging service is 25 April 2012.

The news of this closure was announced to all account Yahoo Meme user. Social networking is known by the name of Yahoo Meme was also given a closure announcement.
"Important: Meme will be discontinued on May 25, 2012
Unfortunately, it was time to part with Meme.
As part of its commitment to deliver Yahoo! content and Web tools that are useful for many people, we prioritize the portfolio so that we can focus on core strengths and new innovation.
Please understand what will happen later. "

Although not mentioned in the announcement, the failure of Yahoo Meme attract users thought to be the reason for the closure of this service. The fate of microblogging is like following in the footsteps senior, Google Buzz, which was closed after failing to attract the lovers of social networking.

Yahoo Meme was first launched in August 2009. This service is available in multiple languages​​, likely Portuguese, Spanish, English, Chinese, and Indonesia.

So for you the users of Yahoo Meme, you still have time until 25 April for posting. After that, Yahoo will make it a microblogging service in a state of read-only mode.

This means users will not receive a Meme, posting, or new comments. Yahoo Meme users still have the opportunity to move the content they already post until late May. After that, Yahoo will close a total of all Yahoo Meme accounts.

Apple update iOS to integrate Baidu

iOS update

This time, according to a source in China, iOS will soon gain support for China local search, which is Baidu. This as quoted from Sina Tech by Tech In Asia that Apple will introduce an update to iOS that integrates search function from Baidu.

Even so, not yet certain whether such services only as an adjunct to the iOS device. Meanwhile, considering that Baidu is heading a step ahead of Google with the search controls 83.6 percent in China, most likely achievement will also provide opportunities to reduce the use of Google among iOS device users in China.

As quoted from The Next Web, March 27, 2012 Apple has made a sustained effort to move away from dependence on Google. One example is to launch the new iPhoto to iOS, which is no longer rely on Google Maps. To help reduce the use of Google products on the iPhone and the iPad, Apple also relies on the Siri, the Microsoft search engine Bing, and others.

See the likes of Apple products in China from the existing graphics and CEO of Apple, Tim Cook also stated that the market is important for the company. Moreover there is the possibility of Apple's market share in the Bamboo Curtain country will continue to grow.

Meanwhile, Apple's move to integrate the Baidu makes sense because it has started to support local sharing option in China through the Mac OS, Mountain Lion. Localization is an important factor for smartphone imports in China. It aims to adjust the local social network support and services.

Nokia and Microsoft launch AppCampus for mobile application program

mobile application
mobile application

Recently, Nokia and Microsoft announced that they will each invest up to nine million euros (USD11,9 million) for the project AppCampus, which is a new mobile application development program.

As quoted from The Verge, (March 26, 2012), based in Finland, the program will be launched in May and is managed by the Aalto University. Microsoft and Nokia hopes to attract students and entrepreneurs from around the world on a Windows phone platform and the Symbian S40.

Although Nokia's decision to switch to Windows Phone in most of the Nokia smartphone, ecosystem that Microsoft mobile application was slow to attract big names.

At present in approximately 70 000 existing applications on Windows Phone Marketplace, there has been no popular titles like Angry Birds Space, Draw Something, and Instagram.

Apparently, the developers are still marking the platform in a low priority. Public investments that Microsoft is a sign that the company is headquartered in Redmond was to reverse the serious developers.

With support, training and even the available funds, the investment might not be a $ 200 million "iFund" for the Apple IOS platform, but the president of Microsoft in Europe as part of an effort to judge a new page in the mobile industry.

Instagram application on Android


Recently, good news for Android users who love the photo sharing applications. If previously could only be enjoyed in the IOS operating system, now the most popular photo-sharing application Instagram, ready to present on Android.

Instagram immediately grab marks, is to open a sort of user registration for free. Registration is intended to provide an opportunity for Android users to be the first line of Instagram users in the Google's operating system.

Instagram founder, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger said Instagram will come gradually. Starting from the southern region in the Southwest region at the beginning of the month.

"In some ways, it's better than IOS applications. This is crazy," he said as quoted from page Systrom CNet.

Until now there has been no official announcement when exactly Instagram for Android to be released, including the beta version. In the form of registration or sign-up is also not described in detail.

instagram application
instagram application

When you send email the registration form, there would only reply: "Thank you for registering. We will soon be connected."

Although the user base has surpassed 27 million users in a matter of one and a half years since its launch in 2010, Systrom says ready to raise the level of social photo next application. In an interview with Sarah Lacy at the West Ignition, Kevin Systrom revealed that the amount of 27 million users is not enough to Instagram.

"This is far from the scale you need to create a large mass of business," he said, as quoted from Digitaltrends.

Kevin Systrom also claimed to have been looking for a user base of up to 270 million. "With the adoption rate of one million users per week, and on the verge of launching Android applications, (target) is on the way," he said.

He also plans to develop a machine Instagram moneymaker to use it as an advertising medium in the integration.

Instagram application success on the Apple device makes Instagram won the title of "App of the Year" in 2011. Much of this growth, says Krieger and Systrom, also due to the launch of the iPhone 4S.

Intel processor with 22 nanometer technology

Intel processor
Intel processor

Recently, Intel confirmed the latest processor with 22 nanometer technology called Valley View (VWV). This recent device will add to the ranks of advanced processors made ​​by Intel.

As quoted from DailyTech,(March 24, 2012), the latest generation of Intel atom is part of a platform called the Balboa Pier, as the successor to the Cedarview, which is one of Intel's mobile platform today. This processor does not seem to use PowerVR graphics like other generations of Cedar Trail.

The new processors will use the integrated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) from Intel that are found in the Ivy Bridge technology that delivers the performance of 20 to 50 percent faster than the GPU in Sandy Bridge.

According to the analysis of the graphics driver, it was revealed that VWV will feature Turbo Mode feature, although its application will vary with the 22 nanometer technology, such as Ivy Bridge and Haswell. VWV processor will also support up to four core (core), has 8GB of DDR3 memory and USB 3.0.

In addition, Valley View processor will also introduce something called Pondischerry memory arbiter with one additional kernel patch. This processor will also support two DisplayPort panel, High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) output and interrupt the new architecture.

Intel seems to seriously working on these new processors. The processor giant is reportedly ready to release the tablet device. On the other hand, the competitor Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is also open-source support launched the Southern Islands (GPU family) and Trinity APU (Accelerated Processing Units).
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