Microsoft universal translator

universal translator
universal translator

Recently, Microsoft makes a universal translator, who can change the speech in English to 26 different languages​​ and talk to the voice users, so cool.

The translator software created by Frank Soong and Rick Rashid, who worked at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond. With the translate software, users have to do just talk to the device and will immediately change it.

Hopefully with these devices, will one day allow visitors to foreign countries to have a conversation with another person, even if they do not speak the same language.

"We will be able to do some application scenarios. For speakers of the language who was traveling in a foreign country, we will do the voice recognition is followed by a translation, followed by a final text that came out in different languages​​, but still the voice users," said Frank Soong.

The device requires approximately one hour to be familiar with one voice, and works by comparing the words that have been noted to be translated into the target language.

This translation technology has been designed in such a way that not only translate the words, which will issue a computerized voice and broken. Instead the sound was carefully manipulated to mimic the speakers as realistic as possible.
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