Samsung Galaxy S III in production

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S III

This time, rumor of the Galaxy S III presence be discussion at From Eldar Murtazin, the Russian mobile blogger is twittering on Twitter that the Galaxy S III has been 'resolved' and ready to go in the stage production.

As quoted from IB Times, Murtazin also said that pre-orders for the latest Samsung mobile phones that will soon appear immediately, and will be the largest compared to other Galaxy brand phones. Murtazin statement that given the success achieved by Samsung with the Galaxy S II in the one year.

Meanwhile, Samsung is expected to release news, not to mention survive the extent of development of the Galaxy S III at this time. Although Samsung remained silent, rumors continued to blow hard on them that says that speculation in recent months, this phone is already assembled.

So far, the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III was often heard in the predictions ranged from February to July 2012 and some time ago also there is mention that the phone will launch in April. But it has been denied by the Samsung and Samsung says it will reveal the launch of the Galaxy S III via Twitter.

The information was derived from the @samsungtomorrow "Please note: All known through press releases Galaxy S III (released April) is not true. There will be a specific launch date, we will tell you the first time through Twitter."

So, we can just waiting when Samsung Galaxy S III be release and officially launch, okay.
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