David Tarasenko first new iPad buyer

New iPad
New iPad

Today, New iPad officially on sale in some countries. Australia became the first country to sell this Apple products. And David Tarasenko is first people who buy new iPad.

As quoted from CNET pages, New iPad buyers in the Aussie country that are David Tarasenko, 34, manager of a construction company. He bought a white 64gb New iPad equipped with WiFi and 4G technologies. He also lined up at the Telstra shop, shop sellers New iPad official in George Street, Sydney. Telstra Store is open at midnight, eight hours before Apple Store opening.

Since smart devices announced Apple CEO Tim Cook, Tarashenko claim can not wait to have it. "When Cook announced, it sounded like a magic tool," he said.

DailyTelegraph reported, David Tarashenko transactions recorded Friday, March 16, 2012, at 00:01 morning two minutes earlier than the second buyer, at the store Big W, Sidney.

New iPad 3
New iPad 3

David Tarasenko can claim to have information on the internet sale of New iPad at midnight. "I'm here at 5:30. Sellers said, I am a first buyer. I am surprised," said Tarasenko.

"I am very excited and can not wait for the weekend to get around with this tool."

Not only Tarasenko, just for a new Apple product, thousands of people in 10 countries are willing to stand in line. Did not even hesitate to sleep outside the store while the store is not open yet.

A number of countries which started selling the new iPad, among others, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Germany, England, and Peurto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Sales officially began at 8:00 in the respective countries.

In the United States, new 16GB iPad price sold for U.S. $ 499, 32GB iPad sold for U.S. $ 599, and 64GB iPad valued U.S. $ 699. While the new iPad equipped with WiFi + 4G 16GB valued U.S. $ 629, U.S. $ 729 for 32GB, and U.S. $ 829 price for New iPad 64GB.
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