Sell iPad tablet computers increased

New iPad
New iPad

This time, iPad fever in different parts of the world lined up to welcome the sale of the latest New iPad. Even in Britain, ahead of its debut this third-generation Apple tablet and make tablet computer sales tripled.

From mobile commerce site, SellMyMobile said that the number of customers who sell their tablet computers has increased over 300 percent during the launch of the new iPad. Models are most often offered for sale are the 16GB iPad 2 with 3G and Wi-Fi.

Last week, eBay also said more than 16 thousand iPad has been listed for sale within two weeks before Apple's announcement about the sale of New iPad. This suggests that many are ready to upgrade to the latest iPad device.

Apple has sold more than 55 million iPad since first launched two years ago. Canaccord Genuity analysts said earlier this week that they expected the company to sell about 65 million iPad this year.

Selling Places
Dozens of people lined up overnight outside Apple retail store in London's Regent Street to be among the first to have a new iPad. The line was getting a lot before dawn.

Even one person offers for sale on eBay queue. "I took a place because it was unaware of the queue for latest Apple iPad. I do not need to queue position now because not a fan of Apple and therefore I sell my place," said the seller's place in line on its website.

New iPad announced by Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, in San Francisco last week, has a high resolution Retina Display which has four times as many pixels. In this tablet Apple also improve graphics performance and a better camera.

Apple is also adding LTE 4G connectivity, although it would not be an option for customers in the UK who do not have a 4G LTE network. However, this new iPad has improved 3G connectivity.

Analysts say Apple's rivals may be struggling to launch a rival product for several quarters.

"While Samsung seems to have the most competitive deals on Android tablet, we see Windows 8 as a long-term threat to greater advantage iPad than the tablet Android," said the analyst.
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