Public telephone in New York city change to WiFi hotspot

WiFi hotspot
WiFi hotspot

Public telephone facilities that are outdated so as more people are switching to mobile phones. The government of New York City, update means that almost forgotten this with additional features WiFi.

As quoted from Mashable, Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications New York City introduced the idea on Wednesday. Anyone can access the WiFi smartphone, tablet or laptop at no cost.

They apply the general idea of ​​WiFi on the phone is through cooperation with local internet service providers, Van Wagner and Titan. So far, there have been 10 public telephones scattered WiFi in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn as a test run. Meanwhile, in total there are approximately 12360 public telephones that can be transformed into a WiFi hotspot.

The local government promised no personal information is taken and no ads embedded in the service. "As we begin to assess the future of public telephones in New York City, this pilot project will help us gauge the public's interest in the facilities offered by the latest generation devices," said Chief Information and Innovation Officer, Rahul N. Merchant.

The Mashable site is test says WiFi is probably normal speed, but not too bad for a public facility. WiFi has a download speed 1.02 Mbps and upload 0.6 Mbps.

Companies desktop using Windows 7

windows 7
windows 7

Microsoft Chief Financial Officer, Tami Reller announced, the amount of migration of the company, currently 50 percent of companies desktop in the world's using Windows 7.

Has now spread more than 630 million Windows 7. Tami Reller recorded a growth rate Windows 7 is very fast though Windows 8 will be rolled next few months.

"Customers should have the confidence and understanding that the computer is using Windows 7 and the application will go very well with Windows 8," Reller said.

Until early next year, customers who buy a computer that is running Windows 7 can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro with a cost of 14.99 euros.

Meanwhile, the internet analyst, Netmarketshare, the current Windows XP became the most popular operating system before Windows 7. then the operating system Windows Vista, Windows 8 is estimated that only a small fraction of customers using the operating system globally.

SanDisk introduce newest product USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive
USB Flash Drive

SanDisk a flash memory storage solutions company, introduced its newest product range, the USB Flash Drive, memory card, and the Solid State Drive (SSD).

Do not want to look stiff products, SanDisk packaged with attractive appearance. Even Sandisk claims, the products appeal to users and supported by technology is presented.

"I think all products introduced will be popular for the consumer, such as in terms of lifestyle and enjoy the technology could also be offered to fulfill the needs," said Regional Director, north & South East Asia and ANZ SanDisk Peter Mah, in the event SanDisk introduces the newest product.

What's more, says Peter Mah, SanDisk saw its business experiencing good growth. "And we also want to do many things, and bring more storage solutions," he said.

USB Flash Drive
So optimistic about business growth, SanDisk also presents four new USB Flash Drive. Four product was SanDisk Extreme Flash Drive USB, Flash Drive Cruzer Glide USB, Flash Drive Cruzer Facet, and Flash Drive Crizer Pop USB.

SanDisk Extreme USB Flash Drive with USB 3.0 offers the ability to transfer, store, and share files with speed 190MB/s. Rewarded with a starting price range of $30 to $90, USB Flash Drive SanDisk Extreme available with 16 GB capacity options up to 64 GB.

While the USB Flash Drive Cruzer Glide offers 4GB of storage solution with capacities up to 128 GB. With a storage capacity offered, the product is priced tag $8 to $80.

For USB Flash Drive Cruzer Facet is a durable drive with a stainless-steel casing is wrapped with a wide selection of colors. This drive comes with 4GB capacity up to 32 GB and priced at $6 to $30.

Meanwhile, Pop Cruzer USB Flash Drive is available in capacities of 4GB up to 32GB at a price of $6 to $30. USB Flash Dribe fourth will be available in the third quarter of this year.
memory card
memory card

Memory Card
Memory card MicroSDHC SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-I can be used for mobile devices like smartphones. This memory card offers speeds up to 95 MB/sec, so that it can transfer files quickly.

In addition, this memory card allows users to run applications at the same time and download files quickly. Memory card to be launched in the third quarter of this comes with 8GB and 16GB capacity options at a price of $50 to $90.
SanDisk SSD
SanDisk SSD

SanDisk SSD
With the SanDisk Extreme SSD, PC may have a faster boot time, which is less than 16 seconds. These drives also consumes 30 percent less power than hard disk drives, and spend less heat and noise.

In addition, the SanDisk Extreme SSD is also fairly easy to install, by simply connecting it to the computer SATA port. The drive is available with a wide selection of capacities ranging from 120 GB to 480 GB.

Nokia Asha Full Touch cheaper and battery efficient

Nokia Asha
Nokia Asha

Nokia presents a solution by launching a new line of Nokia Asha Full Touch, the Nokia Asha 306, Nokia Asha 311, and Nokia Asha 305. The phone battery is claimed to have a more efficient consumption data and cheaper.

The use of data services that are high on the smart phone has the potential to drain the battery on the device. In addition to saving the battery, mobile phone users also crave the effective use of Internet data.

"Points of Nokia Asha is the very low battery consumption with internet access which is three times faster," says Martin Chirotarrab, President of Nokia Indonesia, as quoted from vivanews.

According to Martin, Nokia to consider the needs of the customer data Nokia Asha.
"Our research shows Nokia Asha customers need 40 Mb per month," he said.

Nokia Asha 305
Nokia Asha 305

To help conserve, Nokia Browser 2.0 is supported proxy technology and cloud. This allows faster Internet access. In fact, the browser is able to reduce data consumption reaches 85 percent.

"This is because the data is compressed on the device. Data 1 Mb to be 150 Kb, no important data is eliminated," said Irwan Hermawan as Product Manager Nokia Indonesia.

Data compression makes faster data access. This technology also applies to social networking applications and services reached 70 percent of Nokia maps. Irwan said with this innovation, customers consume only 86 Mb of data per month.

Nokia Asha new series also offers an interface that have notification shortcut at the top of the screen. This interface allows users to manage WiFi, SIM cards, up to service entertainment.

Nokia Asha 311
Nokia Asha 311

The added value of this latest Nokia Asha Full Touch presented to provide a free full version games for Electronic Arts. You can download it for 60 days. Download free legal music for 6 months is also given.

Each Nokia Asha has the advantages of each. Nokia Asha 305 comes with dual SIM and easy swap. Asha 306 with a driver's license with WiFi capability, 3-inch screen, 2 MP camera and 2GB of storage. Asha Nokia 311 comes with a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, 3 inches, and 1GHz processor.

Nokia Asha 305 cost $90. Nokia Asha 306 and 311 will be available soon on the market this month, very cheaper for Nokia smartphone.
The third type is categorized as a cell phone Smartphone Lite or SmartLite. As a feature phone, the Nokia Asha able to bring the smartphone experience.

ITV Player for Samsung Smart TV

samsung smart tv
Smasung Smart TV

This time, Samsung in collaboration with ITV to provide ITV Player applications for the Smart TV products, Samsung Smart TV.

This step is to anticipate its rival, the BBC is a commercial broadcaster to launch media applications on the Samsung Smart TV Store.

"We want give choice to the audience to watch the ITC Content On Demand in their homes," said Online Product Director at ITV James Micklethwait.

ITV player
ITV player

"Connected TV has come a year ago, which is why we are excited to partner with Samsung to launch the ITV palyer for Samsung Smart TV platform," he continued.

This service has just changed to provide more content for its viewers, such as accessing streaming applications such as YouTube, MUZU.TV, BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport applications connected with the Samsung Smart TV.

Consumer Electronics vice president for Samsung UK Robert King adds, "The audience is no longer restricted to watching the quality shows they like," he concluded.
ITV player is now available for download via the Samsung Smart TV Store.

Phone Technology Improvement

phone technology
phone technology

Phone technology could be said is always improved day by day and even at this time it created with more function so that it is not about calling and communicating, but somehow it is interactive device that also could manage more aspects in our life. Talking about technology on phone, first you could see about the service. At this time, it is created seems like in the same quality and the networks then getting expanded so that there is incorporation within the completion of cutting – edge of technology so that calling commonly dropped and then carried out within the clear signal.

Now, it is about features that more features being added in the consistent bassist which works for wireless application for user task. Then, it is becoming easy transportable device within the durability without even charging in long term as improvement in phone technology. The next point is about benefits that not only made more convenient for some people who used it, but however it creates social connection that is come out from the sorts variety of fruition so that all of the instant program for messaging and also wireless internet access are provided which means that even we could do business by mobile.

The result brings benefit that business getting reached and accommodated in whole world. The effect is also could be felt by the user that is it could allow communication within the connection that somehow in the previous time could be said incredible. Moreover, it brings social and also economic benefits that the new technology for mobile even build personal safety which means that everyone now could reach easily for the family, friends, and their surrounded people. For the rest, it is about competition for cell phone providers to prove their quality and the beneficial things within he lowers service rates and even phone costs as the sign of improvement in phone technology.
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