Google TV versus Apple iTV


This time, Google and Apple is now preparing to fight back in control of the television settings. Previously, Apple and Google fought in the smartphone market dominance.

As quoted from Guardian, January 7, 2012, the South Korean company LG, at next week will reveal their first smart TV, the Internet connection that uses the Android interface. While its competitors, namely Samsung, will produce for the first time, the TV by using Google's software this year.

Previously, Sony and Vizio already has a television device model and Google's Android, and has announced plans to launch the product. Google's own hope that this effort can defeat the plan the launch of Apple's iTV.

Apple iTV
Apple iTV

As is known, Apple has been incarnated as a giant in the music industry and mobile phones has evolved into the television industry. iPhone maker is staying will compete with Google in providing a new way of watching television.

According to IMS Research, the growth of the Internet connection on the TV world market is expected to almost double, from U.S. $ 68 billion in 2011, to U.S. $ 122 billion in 2016.

TV LG Android itself will be launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It allows the owner to simultaneously watch the program, while searching the internet and communicate with friends through social networks, like Facebook.

With an interface similar to the look of Android on the smartphone, viewers will see a set of applications on their screen from various content providers. Google says it has had 150 applications for this TV service.

google tv versus apple tv
google tv versus apple tv

"Google TV brings a new entertainment and innovation of the web to the TV and the team we are pleased to bring more Google TV products to more people, this device will be present in many countries in 2012," said Mickey Kim, Head of Google TV Partnerships, Asia Pacific.

In addition, the Google TV service allows users to purchase a program from Amazon. But unfortunately, the boycott of American television stations.

Google TV competitors, namely Apple's iTV, will have an LCD flat screen and WiFi connection. TV was controlled by Siri voice recognition technology, such as those installed on the iPhone 4S. Apple developed this TV to be controlled by gestures, like a wave.

iTV also have access to the iTunes store already has the choice of films and television shows. But the key to the success of these services exist in Apple's ability to negotiate with a provider impression that his business would likely be threatened by iTV.

"There will be a better product on the market this year," said Benedict Evans, an expert on digital TV from Enders Analysis. "But different disrupt the global TV industry by disrupting the music industry. We do not have the right tools or content that fits," he said.
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