Google plans launch Nexus tablet

Nexus tablet

Google reportedly has plans to launch Nexus tablet in the next months. With Nexus tablet is being developed, Google's such as trying to rival the popularity of iPad, which currently has a seemingly formidable competitor in the tablet market.

This plan was revealed by Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, while in Italy.

"In the next six months we have plans to market a Nexus tablet with the best quality," said Schmidt told the Italian media, as quoted from The Telegraph.

Actually, Google has control over the development of Motorola Xoom tablet, since Motorola Mobility acquired by Google. But Xoom tablet somewhat failed and unable to compete with the iPad.

google nexus tablet

On this occasion, Eric Schmidt was later praised the role of Steve Jobs as a pioneer of the birth of a tablet PC. "Steve realized the potential of the tablet as it is revolutionary and creates great products like the iPad," said Schmidt.

"Steve Jobs is the Michelangelo of the present. My friend with a unique character, which is able to combine creativity and vision of genius with outstanding technical ability," said Schmidt, who also sits on the Board of Directors of Apple, and then retreated when Apple compete with Google in the smartphone market.

In the smartphone market, Samsung Galaxy Nexus produced a serious competitor for Apple's iPhone. Schmidt then called the Android-based smartphone competition with the iPhone will be hard.
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