Malicious programs for Android from Rusia

malicious programs or malware
malicious programs

Malicious programs to the surrounding Google's Android operating system now can be said in its infancy. Generally, these programs are designed to obtain the money belongs to Android users.

As quoted from TechWorld, malicious programs for the Android mostly from Russia and China. Security firm Sophos and Symantec recently released the findings of the latest Android malware that is written in Russian.

Although the use of bad language on the malware program will limit the reach of the victim, they use tactics that apply universally. Cyber ​​criminals who exploit it successfully tracked Sophos fake antivirus scanner, Symantec revealed while tracking the results of the use of deceptive web pages that offer popular games fake.

Sophos said cyber criminals as an entrepreneurial start-up founders. They began to grow from Russia, but has far greater ambitions.

"I think we can not say it as a test area. It feels like a local business is likely to have ambitions to grow as a multinational," says Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos, Graham Cluley.

Fraud (scam) in the virtual world that tracked Sophos this week found a link to a fake antivirus software in Twitter. Sophos dig deeper and find that the domain ". Ru". The domain is pointing to the internet protocol address which is hosting in Ukraine.

While the Symantec invention includes the latest version of Android. Opfake malware that has been long sought. The latest version of this malicious program disguised as a popular game that featured in the fake site.

Future TV with transparent screen

future TV
future TV

Do you ever wondered what form would such a TV in the future? One of them might be a TV with a transparent screen that seemed to disappear when turned off.

After read information from Dailymail, the technology to create a future TV with transparent screen is already there, although it can be said is still raw. The technology is called Transparent Organic Light Emiting Diode (TOLED).

More recently, a TV made ​​by Loewe tries to adopt the latest technology. Loewe TV transparent design was prepared by Michael Friebe.

"As the first of its kind, Loewe Invisio introducing technical innovations by combining conventional LCD screen technology with the latest TOLED," said Friebe.

"This allows the creation of moving pictures that are not solid and transparent, with rich color and contrast from dark black to pure white," he added.

Loewe himself has made several previous innovations. In 1998, the company had introduced Internet TV, even before there was iTunes or YouTube. TV is referred to as the Loewe Xelos @media.

Galaxy S III pulled 9 million pre orders

Samsung Galaxy S III
Galaxy S III

Samsung has just launched Galaxy S III in London earlier this month, just two weeks later the device was immediately besieged. As quoted from the Korea Economic Daily, the latest smartphone Galaxy S III pulled in 9 million pre-orders from phone operators around the world.

Information from The Next Web, a report from the Korea Economic Daily quoted a Samsung executive, who revealed reach impressive for a new device is launched. Korean news site was also mentioned, Korea's Samsung production lines are working to fulfill the request.

Figures 9 million considered impressive, considering the amount is almost half of the 20 million shipment Galaxy S II within 10 months. Last October, the combined sales of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II had topped 30 million units worldwide. The devices are also able to record sales of the company after its launch.

Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S III

The success of the various lines of Galaxy S has helped drive Samsung smartphone in the competition. South Korean companies also managed to send the device a lot more than other makers of mobile devices, including smartphones and feature phones.

While the newest member of the line smartphone Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S III is present carries the latest operating system Android, Ice Cream Sandwiches and Super AMOLED touch screen 4.8-inch HD (1280x720). Galaxy S III comes with a rear-sharp 8 megapixel camera and 1.9 megapixel camera on the front.

Samsung Galaxy S III will be available in 145 countries with 296 mobile operators around the world, so it became the biggest launch in the history of Samsung. Available in Blue color cast and Marble Pebble White, the smartphone will sell from the end of May in Europe and other global markets.

iPad mini LCD panel

iPad mini LCD panel
iPad mini

Rumors of the existence of Apple's mini tablet increasingly crowded sounded. Recently the LCD panel manufacturer AU Optronics and LG Display rumored already certified Apple to launch mass production of iPad Mini screen.

After read information from Softpedia, a plan news Apple issue iPad Mini looks less convincing. However, the news about intention the technology company from the Cupertino to shake the market with a new version of the iPad, lately more and more outstanding.

One news agency in Taiwan, Macotakara revealed the news that LG Display and AU Optronics has received certification for the iPad mini LCD panel. Addition to the two vendors are said to have begun preparations to ship a portion of its production.

The launch is expected in quarter 3 and 4 in 2012. The report also reveals the target shipment is expected to reach 6 billion units.

Then for the latest module in the device's backlighting, approximately 4 million units will be manufactured by TPK Holding and Chimei Innolux. Film layer touch sensors are useful for making an LCD touch screen on iPad Mini will be created by Nissha Printing.

Google distributing Android Jelly Bean

Android Jelly Bean
Android Jelly Bean

Google reportedly plans to make five phone manufacturers could taste first Android Jelly Bean. Through this plan, Google will no longer focus on the rows of the Nexus.

As information from TechRadar, the existence of these new plans revealed by the Wall Street Journal. Jelly Bean by distributing early, there will be some devices that come with Nexus.

Currently, there is only one vendor who created the Nexus series devices with the latest version of Android. In the meantime, the last vendor the opportunity is Samsung.

This change in strategy is said to give a major influence on Android. Especially when compared to current methods of inhibiting the release of Android update.

Google search engine company also plans to sell the cell appears directly, rather than have to rely on the operator. This means that Google will bring a handheld device is unlocked and without a SIM card in some regions such as Europe and United States.

Application Firefox Beta for Android

firefox beta for android
firefox beta for android

Beta version of Firefox beta has been available for Android devices. Firefox Beta for Android is supported by various Android operating system, from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, until the earlier version of Android Froyo.

This browser applications feature a new look that comes with a user interface for Android. In addition, the Firefox beta for Android also improve its performance, and provide better support for Flash and third-party plugins.

Mozilla said the launch beta version of Firefox is to improve the quality before sliding to Android devices through the help of users. "We need your help to refine the beta version and can launch a new Firefox to Android. Please download the Beta version of our website and if you have a bug report problem." Thus was quoted from It Pro Portal.

Mozilla claims to have to fix some problems on the new version of application Firefox Beta for Android. Problems that are fixed include: session tab and reload the page accidentally change zoom.

Mozilla announced through the blog, the latest version of Firefox Beta for Android devices has been pinned sync features such as Firefox, add-ons and tabbed browsing. Firefox launched a beta version for Android will provide a new interface experience with the "Awesome Screen". Not only that, support for Adobe Flash to make loading pages faster.

Application development with Windows 8

application development
application development

Application developers Indonesia has adequate competence and potential to compete in regional and global applications market. A number of application developers work has penetrated the global market through the online application stores in a variety of platforms.

"Competence they're good, we are compelled to live more marketable and meet the global market," said Farid Zulkarnain, Executive Vice President of Business Development Navcore Nextology, partner of Microsoft Indonesia on the sidelines of the Developer Conference 2012: Windows 8, as quoted from vivanews.

According to Farid, this conference is a great and rare opportunity for application developers. For information, the conference was also attended by a number of Microsoft executives.

Microsoft officials were present, among others, Corporate Walid Abu-Habda (Vice President of Developer and Platform Group), Said Zahedani (General Manager, Developer and Platform Group), Herman Widjaja (Senior Software Test Lead), and Andreas Diantoro (President Director of Microsoft Indonesia) as the keynote speaker.

"They want to see the potential developer directly while providing a boost," said Farid.
In view of Farid, applications and games market is growing significantly. This is in line with the growth of Internet and smartphone users in Indonesia.

application developers
application developers

For example, according to data released by the end of 2011, the number of mobile game downloaders reach about 8 million downloads.

Indonesia is also listed as the nation's third-largest game downloaders in the world with an average of 500 thousand downloads per day. Likewise with Internet users who registered 55 million users by the end of 2011, based on ICT Watch.

"We're pretty sure the application market is growing this year," said Farid. Moreover broadband users in Indonesia is estimated to have over 100 million users earlier this year.

In this three-day workshop they received material about use application development with the latest features of Windows 8 is very interesting. Among other Metro Apps, Live Tile, Charm Bar, Store Windows, and others.

"These features are enough to help developers to produce applications that are more lively and interactive," said Silas Sebastian Sihotang, Engagement Manager Navcore Nextology.

Windows 8
Windows 8

Participants not only taught the concepts and development techniques, but also build applications on top of Windows 8 individually or in groups.

Silas said, every participant has prepared an application of ideas to be developed in training. This application is expected to have relatively ready to be tested. So, this could open opportunities for improvement to suit the market standard. He believes this conference will have great impact to the ecosystem of software development in Indonesia.

"Especially in Indonesia, many web developers that are reliable," he said.
While Ridi Ferdiana, academic field of information technology from the University of Gajah Mada, said Microsoft's approach with Windows Store for Windows 8 applications to market opportunities for developers Indonesia penetrate global markets.

"Especially if you just penetrate the domestic market," he said.
These opportunities are supported by Windows 8, which not only runs on Personal Computer, but also on the tablet based on Intel and ARM processors, and even game consoles (X-Box). These conditions increase the market that can be achieved by the developer Indonesia.

"In addition to job opportunities, respect for intellectual property rights can be better controlled," he said.
Developer Conference 2012: Windows 8 Hackathon was attended by 1,000 developers from academia, practitioners of IT start-ups, freelancers, students, and software developers to explore the techniques of application development on a new platform in Windows 8.

How to take data from black box

black box
black box

How to retrieve data from the black box. The series of black boxes, the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft has been found. The next job that is taking the information contained in black box.

Black box found in the Sukhoi SSJ 100 completely black due to expire. Despite called black box, the flight data recorder is usually painted orange.

Striking colors plus a line of reflective tape on the body to facilitate the search for black boxes. This design is useful when the water ends up in a plane crash.

There are two possible names from the black box. Some people believe because at the beginning of the making of this box is black. While the other refers to the color of post-fire charred after roasting in an accident.

After finding the black boxes, the investigation team will bring the tape to the lab. They will download the data from the recorder to recreate the accident. This process can take up to months to be completed weekly.

In the United States, the manufacturer gives the black box of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) systems and software to perform a full analysis of the data stored.

If later on Flight Data Recorder (FDR) was found, investigators can play the material on a tape recorder by connecting it to the reader system. In the solid-state recorders, investigators can extract the data in just minutes.

Very often, the recorder was found in the ruins of the dent and fire conditions. In this case, memory boards must be removed, cleaned, and new memory interface cable will be installed.

black box plane
black box plane

Memory will be connected with a recorder that can work. This recorder has a special software for easy retrieval of data without the possibility overwrite the data in it.

According, a team of experts are usually involved to interpret the data stored in the Cockpit Voice Recorder. This group generally consists of airline representatives, representatives of aircraft manufacturers, transportation security experts, investigators and air safety.

These investigators Council will interpret the conversations and sounds recorded during 30 minutes in the CVR. This process can take a very long time.

FDR and Cockpit Voice Recorder is duet invaluable tool in the investigation of aircraft accidents. Both devices are sometimes the only survivor in a plane crash. In the case of Sukhoi SSJ 100, where Flight Data Recorder was still in the search.

These devices become an important clue to unravel the cause of the accident without any other way. Along with the development of technology, the black box still plays a major role in accident investigation.

How it works Black Box Plane

black box plane
black box plane

How it works Black Box in plane. His name is a black box, but do not imagine that a black box as the name suggests. The color is actually bright, orange. When the plane crash, black boxes became the most wanted thing to find out the cause of woe.

Similarly, when the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft fateful end. Search for black box was a priority in addition to the evacuation of victims.

The investigation will lead to the data recorded on the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), known as designation of this black box. This box contains a conversation in the cockpit voice data.

How it works Black Box in plane?

Magnetic tape
According to the document L-3 Communications, as the developer of the Wright Brothers first airplane also pioneered the use of the device to record the rotation of the propeller.

World War II expanded the use of flight recorders. Since then, the black box recording media have been developed to record more information about the aircraft.

black box
black box

Although many of the black boxes in use today use a  magnetic tape, the tool first launched around the 1960s. The airline switched to solid memory board in the 1990s.

Type of magnetic tape cassette recorder works like a popular tool used. Mylar tape rolled electromagnetic head and was left with data on the tape.

Now the manufacturer no longer makes the black box with a magnetic tape recorder. The plane has been transformed into drive technology (solid-state).

Solid-State Drive
According to a spokesman for the black box manufacturer Honeywell, Ron Crotty, zadat drive recorder technology (solid-state) is more reliable than its predecessor, the magnetic tape. Solid state memory chips so no moving parts that must be like a round tape. With no moving parts, maintenance is easier. Damaged during the accident risk was decreased.

Data from the CVR and FDR are stored on the memory board on the inside of the collision-resistant memory unit (CSMU). CSMU a cylindrical compartment on the recorder. Memory boards about 4.45 cm in diameter and 2.54 cm high.

This memory board has a storage capacity of digital data that can accommodate audio data during the 2 hours CVR and 25 hours for flights to FDR.

Aircraft equipped with sensors that collect data. This sensor detects the acceleration, velocity in the air, altitude, outside temperature, cabin temperature and its pressure, engine performance, and more.

With a magnetic tape recorder can keep track of 100 parameters, while solid-state recorders can track more than 700 on larger aircraft.

All data collected by the sensors is sent to the aircraft flight data acquisition unit (FDAU) in front of the plane.

These devices are often found in electronic devices under the cockpit. FDAU a middle manager for the entire process of data recording. This unit carries information from the sensors and sends it to the black box.

The second black box supported one of two power plants that draw power from the engines. One generator has a 28 volt DC power source. One more 115 volt and 400 Hz AC power.

According to the Technical Director for the company's flight recorders L-3 Communications, Frank Dolan as quoted from, standard equipment that the aircraft power supply.

Disaster Resistant
In various plane crashes, the only one who can survive only collision-resistant memory unit (CSMU) from the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorders. Usually, the rest of the chassis and component parts of the recorder was destroyed.

CSMU is a large cylinder that was soldered to the recording of data. The device is designed extreme heat resistance, lacing, and pressure up to the ton.

Using three layers of material, CSMU in a black box to protect the solid-state memory to store the board pile of digital information. Here are some of the barriers that protect the flight of valuable information:

Wrap aluminum: there is a layer of aluminum around the stack of memory cards.

High temperature insulation: dry silica material has a 2.54 cm thick. This material is able to protect from high temperatures. This is what makes the memory boards are safe to fire after the incident.

Stainless steel shell: This material contains a high temperature resistant stainless steel layer 0.64 cm thick. Titanium can also be used for a black box clothes iron protective device.

According to L3 Communications, a black box technology will be increased. Development which has been reported to be able to record video activity in the plane.

Apple change label iPad 4G

Apple iPad 4G
iPad 4G

Following up on complaints from several countries about the label iPad 4G, Apple change marketing iPad + 4G. Now they took the 4G word so that it becomes iPad Wifi + Celluler.

This step had to be done following complaints from the Australian competition regulator. Apple previously marketed tablet with the name "4G" in the kangaroo country. But this time the tablet can not connect to the 4G network in Australia or in 4G network other countries outside North America.

Australian regulators to assess Apple misled Australia customers about the data that allows speeds of up to 4G.

While many sites iPad marketing online, at least in the United States, still give the title when the device is a 4G LTE display in the store. Now, prospective buyers are only given the option to purchase the version of "Wi-Fi," or model "Wi-Fi + Cellular".

The term "4G" refers to the speed of data that can be achieved by a device. That is, the device can be connected to a network of the 4th generation of data faster than its predecessor, the 3G.

In the United States, many device manufacturers using the label "4G" at the speed of the data were not capable of 4G as fast as some of their competition.

One example of the Apple iPhone 4S on AT & T, which now has a 4G designation. Although according to the International Telecommunication Union, in particular the iPhone network runs on HSDPA, not the fourth generation networks. HSDPA is a 3.5G network generation.

New iPad is currently only able to connect up to five 4G network. All located in the United States or Canada.
Apple changed the name of iPad 4G in several countries, namely Britain, Australia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Canada.

Super Nintendo Revolution

Super Nintendo Revolution
Super Nintendo Revolution

Alleged pictures of the Super Nintendo Revolution appeared in social media and Facebook. The images show up with bad results of the sales of consoles made ​​by Nintendo Co. Ltd., such as the Nintendo 3DS.

Super Nintendo Revolution might not uncommon anymore for consumers. Because the Japanese electronics manufacturer have to relive past success formula to recover from the slump sale.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as the Super NES or SNES. SNES is a 16-bit GME console video game released between 1990 and 1993. SNES global success with record sales of 49.1 million units. However, the SNES has competitor of Sega Genesis / Mega Drive console. Tremendous sales of the SNES, which recorded a USD 199, making the market leader Nintendo console.

In the midst of the growing popularity of gaming applications via smartphones and tablets as well as social networking, Nintendo trying a price cut and to launch new software.

In fact, now circulating information Super Nintendo Revolution, in which a futuristic version of these changes on the SNES. The console has a wireless controller and the USB port of the cartridge and replaced through the download games over the internet.

According ClaymanBlog, allegedly image outstanding only concept art. "This is the concept art with the idea to revive the Super Nintendo in all its glory. With several additional to make it more practical."
"Just for fun we spend time to argue that console features. Unfortunately, there will never be the Super Nintendo Revolution is just a concept," writes the blog.

U.S. mobile data traffic will overload in 2014

mobile data traffic
mobile data traffic

Recently, a meeting of the American talk about the threat of data overload and network crisis that threatens the spectrum. In an event organized The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) in New Orleans, experts said of mobile data traffic will exceed capacity in 2014.

The internet service providers to explain, the cause of the overload of fruit customer habits in the use of technology. Earlier this year, Siri-digital-assistant featured in Apple's new iPhone and it is viewed as the culprit.

On the Verizon network, mobile data traffic doubled every year. This situation has occurred over the last five years. Verizon is an internet service provider in the United States. Not only that, his main rival, AT & T, also facing the same situation.

Mobile users have been "addicted" to video streaming, download and upload the data. This situation coupled with the limited availability of wireless spectrum so that operators put in a difficult position in communication technology.

U.S. internet service providers warn, if they do not gain access to additional wireless spectrum, mobile data traffic will exceed capacity by 2014.
To prevent this from happening, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission must find a way to free the 500Mhz spectrum in addition to ten years.
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