Mario Tennis Open have special game mode

Mario Tennis Open
Mario Tennis Open

Recently, Nintendo has released a video teaser or trailer of the game Mario Tennis Open. Reportedly, the game will be circulated in North America and Europe on May.

As quoted from Nintendo-universe (April 08, 2012), game Mario Tennis Open will have the Special Games exclusive mode of Nintendo 3DS. Gamers can play various characters from the Mushroom Kingdom as well as Mii characters (avatars that are in the digital console Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS).

Mario Tennis Open game allows players to hone their tennis skills. Game developed by Camelot and published by Nintendo will be release on May 20th in North America, May 24 in Japan and May 25 in Europe this year.

game Mario Tennis Open
Mario Tennis Open game

This game had previously been announced at a press conference at the Tokyo Game Show last year. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said game Mario Tennis Open will support a feature called Gyroscope and the game will be played online.

Based on Mario Tennis Open trailer video, this game will have multiple game modes including Super Mario Tennis, Ring Shot which requires players to hit the ball past the giant circular ring in order to get a score, and Ink Showdown is challenging gamers to be able to avoid obstacles that could interfere with the black ink screen.

In addition, there are Galaxy Rally game mode that requires gamers to direct the ball into a giant star-shaped object to get the yellow score in the game. Gamers can also collect points to buy the equipment at the item shop. The equipment enables Mario Tennis Open game characters to have the ability to attack (hit the ball) with the more powerful.
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