NPEngine SSD capable of streaming video content

solid state drive
solid state drive

Solid State Drive or SSD already have high-performance advantages over HDD although it has shortcomings in terms of price and capacity. However, Toshiba tried to make a breakthrough by creating the SSD is capable of streaming video content without the help of the CPU.

As quoted from Softpedia (April 9, 2012), Toshiba has created a machine hardware that makes NPEngine SSD capable of streaming video content to the IP network without the aid of the CPU or system memory.

If the Solid State Drive is really getting the ability to play videos, or do anything else, without burdening the memory or CPU, the device will have a far more superior than regular HDD.

NPEngine is being used to develop the SSD is claimed to provide 64000 high-quality video streaming at 40 Gbps.
This solid state drive technology could be the driving ability of a typical server. Because the typical server must use the software to retrieve stored data, then run it through the CPU and SDRAM. While the strongest servers in general have the highest limit of approximately 20 000 streaming video.
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