LG’s Optimus G Pro: A Review

LG Optimus
LG Optimus
LG probably has plans on taking on the large and growing smartphone market, which has prompted it to introduce LG Optimus G Pro. It is the first of its kind to come out with a 5.5-inch display, which is rather large for a smartphone. It has a display resolution of 1080p which makes it exceptional. Add to this the 3140 mAh battery that can last a good 8 to 9 hours before it needs to be charged.

The phone is powered by the latest processor, the Snapdragon S600 from Qualcomm and comes with an enhanced storage capacity of 32 Gigabytes, which is quite impressive. The only other phone that matches the display size with a 5.5-inch screen is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and the Sony Xperia is close behind with a 5-inch screen. The display resolution of the Sony and LG phones are the same, with the Samsung phone lagging behind with 1280 X 720. The display type of the LG Optimus is IPS and the main chip, as mentioned already is the S600, better than that of Sony Xperia.

The battery capacity of the LG Optimus is the highest in its category, and the microSD card lets you upgrade the storage capacity to 64 Gigabytes, if required. It comes with a front facing camera with 2.1MP and the other snapper has just 13MP which is pretty good to click sharp pictures and shoot excellent videos. The internal storage at 32 Megabytes is double that of the others in this class. The phone weighs 5.64oz which is between the Sony Xperia’s 5.15oz and the Samsung’s 6.46oz. The width of the phone is almost the same as that of Samsung’s at 3 inches (Samsung is 3.17) and the length is 5.91 inches, making it belong to the phablets category, what with the 5.5-inch display screen.

The build quality is obviously great, given the size of the display screen and the capacity of the battery within. The screen takes most of the space across the width, leaving just a fraction of the chassis visible on the sides. The design is such that the phone feels comfortable in your hands, given the large size and weight. However, if you place it next to an iPhone5, the Apple device is dwarfed, making it look tiny and insignificant. The keypad looks pretty comfortable and will probably be very easy when you key in, especially for people who regularly check and send out emails from their smartphones. The curved edges give you a comfortable feel when you hold the phone in your hand and type.

In spite of the many buttons that are placed on the sides, they look clean enough as the buttons are placed within the frame, almost concealed. The volume controls are placed on the left side, alongside the QMemo button. The Power Control is on the right and the ON/OFF button is a bit inside the frame, though not difficult to turn on or off. The Home button can also be used to turn on the phone, though not to turn it off. You will find the microphone hidden at the bottom alongside the USB port, and the headphone jack is placed at the top, near the infra-red emitter, which is meant for the universal remote app. Overall the LG Optimus G Pro is a great phone and will probably have many heads turning.

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