Viddy video sharing application on iPhone

Viddy application

After some time ago Instagram bought for billions of dollars, it seems that the start-up applications are competing to be the kind of Instagram for video. Viddy video sharing application to reach peak top free app on the iPhone this week.

Application is known as Instagram for video, allowing users to quickly post a short video. In addition to sharing video, Viddy application also has special effects similar to Instagram, such as Vintage, BW (black and white) and Crystal.

As quoted from T3, Viddy has reaped success since its launch, followed by an update that allows users to post to the activities of the Timeline Facebook.

Video clips to be uploaded must be sized no longer than 15 seconds, according to the desires of users to capture the fleeting moments.

Viddy application interlinked to Facebook enables users to publish video, watch, or comment would be a huge boost for Viddy. There was also another feature that allows the publication of comment on the FB timeline.

Hitachi Compute Blade 500 server

Hitachi Compute Blade 500 server
Hitachi Compute Blade 500 server

Recently, Hitachi Data Systems announces the latest server Hitachi Compute Blade 500. This is the first product Hitachi Data Systems that adopts Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor.

"Hitachi Compute Blade 500 server is a step forward in our server strategy that will help customers push the integration and accelerate time to produce critical applications," said Vice President of Infrastructure Platforms Product Management, Hitachi Data Systems, Roberto Basilio through official statement, as quoted from okezone.

"We have also collaborated with leading software vendors to develop a converged data center solutions with Hitachi Compute Blade 500 server. It can offer value-added, optimized performance and measurable stability," he added.

Hitachi Compute Blade 500 consists of 6U rack mount blade server system is solid. There is also a chassis that can support up to 8 server blade with Input / Output interconnected and hardware management.

Like other Hitachi computing systems, features installed in the new server Hitachi Compute Blade 500 consists of technology native logical partition (LPAR) is applied to the firmware. Then, as an ideal support for virtualization based hosting, LPAR technology can improve resource optimization and help customers reduce overhead costs.

Kinect Star Wars in Windows Phone

Kinect Star Wars
Kinect Star Wars

Recently, Microsoft has released application for companion Kinect Star Wars that has existed in Windows Phone will then glide on Google and the iPhone App Store.

Kinect Star Wars is Star Wars video game created by LucasArts and Terminal Reality, and to use the movement of profer Kinect from this Xbox 360 game is released by Microsoft Studios.

Types of applications connected using social networks like Twitter and facebook to crawl into one of the Star Wars characters. Then, you can also post on the website to find out more information about the game on Xbox 360/Kinect then copying to the device.

"We put the characters directly attributed to the user device to help launch Kinect Star Wars," said Stephen McGill, director of Xbox and Entertainment UK.

"Players will get a piece of Star Wars in their pockets. As new games for Xbox 360, users can participation in the incredible world, and it became one of the most enduring of entertainment, not like before," he said.

History of Camera Phone

camera phone
camera phone

History of Camera Phone. The camera function in phones are shown to alter the pattern of cell phone use, so that the phone is not solely a means of voice communication and text. With the camera function, the phone is now turned into a social device that makes the behavior of the user with a more interactive environment.

In addition to perpetuate the memory, not infrequently a camera phone that features used to capture important events. Thus, not a citizen journalism that emerged thanks to this camera phone.

But not many people know the origin of camera phones. Officially, the first camera phone recorded the prototype developed by Daniel A. Henderson, in 1993. Camera phones are now stored at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History has the ability to take still images and video.

But then the phone can not send pictures from a photo taken. So, you could say that the device is mounted on the mobile phone camera. This fact history of camera phone:

The camera phone was first developed commercially was made on June 11, 1997, by a developer named Philippe Khan.

Kahn makes the story of a camera phone was fairly unique. At that time, his pregnant wife challenging Khan to make devices that can be used to share pictures of their baby's birth.

J-Phone first camera phone

Philippe Khan was then integrate the camera with a cell phone, which is then written on the back of the software are made, which was named ShaMail or PictureMail. This allows the tool is used to share images with other phones.

Khan was then successfully developed the software, then establish Lightsurf. This is done so that his creations can be known to the public. Khan was not aware that there are two companies that are competing to develop the first commercial camera phone.

Both technology companies are from Japan, Sharp and Kyocera. At that Kyocera makes the system design for video sharing. While Sharp was able to focus more share images in real time.

Sharp is a later won the competition in getting the pairing them with a software technology developed PictureMail. The results of the collaboration was then applied in the first commercial camera phone, J-Phone or J-SHO4 in 2001 in Japan.

Camera specifications are used in J-Phone is 110 000 by 256 pixel CMOS color display. The phone weighs 74 grams, with dimensions of 127x39x17 mm.

J-SHO4 success of this Conference and the other mobile phone manufacturers to make camera phones. Thus, in 2006, there were at least 50 percent of mobile devices that have cameras.

However, not many people know that the history of camera phone is an innovation that made his heart, as a gift from a father to her new born.

Webbygram is Instagram web version


Laptop users and desktop computers may be happiness. Because there are ways to enjoy the beautiful photos Instagram from desk with Webbygram.

Brenden Mulligan application developers have been looking for a way to view Instagram profiles to web display. Mulligan released PhotoPile service in December, but the domain has now been sold.

Mulligan creation does not stop there. Now he makes an application called Webbygram the web version of Instagram by using the API. View detail photo of the envelope filter Instagram can be seen more clearly.

Step Facebook to buy a mobile application Instagram get support web version of Webbygram. There might be able to sync facebook with Webbygram.

Mulligan assess should Instagram not only for mobile users only. Instagram decisions should give priority to mobile applications indicate they will release a web version. Unfortunately, Instagram stick with choice of mobile applications. Mobile applications worth U.S. $ 1 billion this only provides some very basic web interface of each photo.

Instagram mobile application

"People will say Instagram does not require a web presence. I disagree. When I click the link Instagram on Twitter, I want to have a similar experience with the use of what I felt on the application," Mulligan said, as quoted from page

With Webbygram, Mulligan hopes to pick a favorite photo, comments, or find photos posted by other users. Interaction with Instagram community is the target of Mulligan.

Similar application Instagram, Path judged Mulligan has successfully put mobile applications accompanied by an attractive web interface.

"They do not move the entire application to the web. They just took the important interaction," says Mulligan.

Webbygram realize all Brenden Mulligan desires. The missing part the web version of the photo upload capabilities. This deficiency because Instagram is never open API to the public. Applications that can upload photos to Instagram only Hipstamatic the established cooperation with Instagram.

When accessing Webbygram, you need to login to your Instagram account in order to interact as in mobile applications. You can share photos to Facebook and Twitter. In fact, there are additional buttons, pin it to connect to social networks that provide facilities pinboard, Pinterest.

In the bottom photo, Webbygram provide a column for comments. You can also view photos and the title of the provide "like". Instagram exciting experience can now be enjoyed on Laptop and Desktop Computer.

Logitech Couch Mouse M515

Couch Mouse M515
Couch Mouse M515

Usually, use the mouse more often used when work in the office or use the computer is sitting upright. In fact, the mouse is often required when lounging on the bed or sofa, while enjoying the entertainment from laptop. The problem is, the mouse is a device that generally works quite well on the flat and smooth surface. Based on Logitech introduced the Couch Mouse M515.

As the name suggests, this is a mouse that was designed when you use a laptop while lounging on the sofa (couch). By using Bluetooth, Logitech Couch Mouse M515 is also comfortable to use without complicated wiring problems.

But what this mouse performance? Here's Logitech Couch Mouse M515 review, as quoted from vivanews.

Logitech Couch Mouse design
Logitech Couch Mouse

Design of Couch Mouse M515:
Form of this mouse is fairly large and heavy. Even so, ergonomic design makes this mouse is quite comfortable.
This mouse uses two AA size batteries as a power for a Bluetooth connection. This also causes the mouse is big and heavy.
Some functions of the mouse, such as scroll and click too comfortable to use, and in accordance with the shape of the hand. Similarly, when used in a state of dozing.

Couch Mouse M515 Performance:
Logitech designed this mouse to be used on uneven surfaces, like a sofa or a cushion. Thus, you do not have to bother looking for a flat surface that can move the mouse cursor.
When tested, the mouse is also easy to run on any surface, including the arm or thigh. This mouse also did not experience problems when used on the surface of blankets, cloth, clothing, carpets as well.

The response is a bit slow even when it is flat and smooth surface, such as in the table. However, this slow response is only felt in the beginning. After a long use, the response was good work as usual.
Scroll and click function runs fine, without any constraints. In addition, this mouse has a small button in the middle. This button serves to replace the scroll function, or open a new tab when you use the internet browser.

Logitech mouse connectivity
Logitech mouse

Couch Mouse M515 Connectivity:
Logitech mouse complement this with a bluetooth receiver Unifying technology. With this technology, you can simply plug the receiver in the USB connection, then the mouse can be used from a distance.

We tested the distance, how far the mouse can be used. The result, though still moving the mouse cursor is moved from a distance of about 25 meters. But of the record, no objects are blocking the mouse with the receiver on your laptop or PC.

With this connectivity, the mouse is also suitable for presentations in large rooms such as halls. So you can still carry a mouse, and enough to make a hand or a chair as a base to move the presentation materials.

Unifying receiver with Bluetooth technology requires battery power. Logitech mention of battery life can last up to two years.

However, the comfort of Logitech Couch Mouse M515 compared with the official price is quite expensive. On Logitech official website, this Logitech mouse price for U.S. $ 49.00.

Nokia Lumia phone request has been strengthened

Nokia Lumia
Nokia Lumia

Now, Nokia facing a struggle to major markets in United States of America. Nokia has withered ever achieve dominance only 1 percent of the smartphone market. AT & T has sold Nokia Lumia 900 in two weeks and said the initial request has been strengthened.

The AT & T operator said the Nokia Lumia phone is sleek and neon color is too expensive for a product that is not innovative. This phone has shortcomings mentioned in the marketing strategy and problems in the picture caused by disturbances in battery and software on the model initially.

Skeptics think Nokia made a big gamble a year ago to put the software Microsoft Windows Phone on the smartphone is too far to restore the capital with advantage.

"No one comes to the store and ask for Windows Phone," said an executive in charge of mobile devices in European operator who has sold Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 since December last year.

Nokia tried to chase after the smartphone previously successful and damaging the image of the premium market.

Lumia phone
Lumia phone

"Nokia has received a double challenge: to restore their credibility in the manufacture of smartphone hardware and managed with Microsoft Windows operating system, which lagged the market," said the executive.

According to him, Microsoft's software works well with PC and lets you to do various things interesting although few consumers know this.

"If Nokia Lumia with the same hardware comes with Android on it and not Windows, it's easier to sell," said the executive operator.

Investment services firm, Moody's cut its credit rating Nokia to a level on Monday after the company was recorded a loss for the first and second quarter. Standard & Poor announced a downgrade of the same in March. In fact, Nokia's share has fallen below the 3 euro, its lowest level for 15 years.

Alternative devices
Operators want an alternative to Apple and Android. Not only to offer customers more choices, but also provides a stronger bargaining position with mobile phone manufacturer.

Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia Lumia 900

According to market researcher Gartner and PBernstein Research, United States carriers buy about 90 percent of mobile phones, while Europeans buy 50-70 percent. The operator then sell it discount rates and get back the money through a contract 1-2 years.

"It is great for the operator if it can reduce the dominance Apple," a spokesman for other telecommunications operators who requested anonymity.

Nokia tried to take advantage of the proximity of its relationship with the operator and exploit their aggravation with the dominance of Apple and Google's bandwidth-hungry services such as YouTube in hopes of encouraging the sale of their mobile phones on the market.

France Telecom shop in Paris, France, model Nokia Lumia not prominently displayed and the sales clerk quickly to offer consumers the first iPhone. He then offers a variety of Android smartphone made by Samsung and HTC.

Various reaction
Some Nokia Lumia reviews on technology blogs more various. Some like the look of intelligent design-inspired Windows, while others show the poor quality of the screen and battery. In fact, some commentators have suggested the user must remove the iPhone or Android to buy a new Nokia.

Make customers switch to mobile phones is more difficult in economic matters application. Users buy games, media publications, and video on mobile phones and do not want to lose by switching the system.

Last week, Nokia announced a profit to fall in short of analysts estimates. Nokia said they had sold smartphone Lumia more than 2 million in the quarter ended in March. This number rose 1 million in November to January. Analysts expect sales of 3 million.

Sony launch Nasne entertainment device

Nasne entertainment device
Nasne device

In near future, Sony will launch a home entertainment device, named the 'Nasne'. This device is a recording media and internal storage capacity of 500GB.

In addition to the storage media, this entertainment device is also equipped with a TV tuner that allows users to stream through the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Sony tablet and the PC VAIO.

Nasne will run on the PS3 via a special application called the Torne 4.0. Playstation Vita users will also be using Torne version 4.0 to stream content stored via a WiFi connection. Nasne can also export files even when you are recording, and allows the rapid transfer content to Vita.

"We offer a complete and unique experience through Sony Nasne, which serves as a home entertainment center that connects to a variety of Sony products," said CEO of Sony, Kazuro Hirai, as quoted from Game Industry.

"Sony Nasne entertainment device will provide more convenience for users to enjoy television offerings with a new way that allows the watch program in a variety of Sony products through a special application. We will continue to offer attractive products and services that provide customers around the world to inspire and spark curiosity them," he concluded

'Nasne' home entertainment device will be launched in Japan on July 19, 2012 for USD 210. Although the news was circulated, unfortunately Sony has not confirmed for the launch of this latest device in other countries.

AMD slashed price graphics card

AMD graphics card
AMD graphics card

If you think AMD Radeon HD 7900 series graphics cards are the most expensive product, AMD has slashed the price of graphics card. Reportedly, the promotion is done to fight the competition with graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 680.

As quoted from Hexus, this discount applies to the graphics card Radeon HD 7970 and AMD Radeon HD 7950. AMD is also called the Three for Free, the buyer is offered the opportunity to download three game titles for free.

Among them are three title games, DiRT Showdown and the new Nexuiz will release in May, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution is now available. Some video games are indeed interesting, but the price cut would be the most anticipated game addicts.

AMD Radeon HD 7900 series
AMD Radeon HD 7900

Reportedly, the price of the Radeon HD 7970 from USD549 to USD470 trimmed, while the Radeon HD 7950 price drop from USD449 to USD399. Not only that, it seems that the Radeon HD 7770 will also be looked at in this price drop. Radeon HD 7770 pricing will be reduced from USD159 to USD139.

Of course this price reduction will not degrade the performance of the graphics card. Although Nvidia's GeForce GTX 680 graphics card is a class of high-end GPU is currently the best available, but it seems AMD promotion worth considering the gamers.

Radeon HD 7970 is claimed to be 50 pounds cheaper than the products on board graphics card made ​​by Nvidia. Not only win in the price of the lighter in the pocket, but prospective buyers will also get three free games offered by the AMD.

Samsung Galaxy S III will launch on May 3?

Samsung Galaxy S III
Galaxy S III

Recently, Samsung has spread invitation of latest Galaxy smartphone. The invitation was recorded for the event on May 3 in London.

As quoted from Mashable pages, in the launch invitation that there is no detail about what new devices will be launched. At the invitation simply read: "Come and see the latest Galaxy".

However, speculation circulated that product to be introduced was the Samsung Galaxy S III. Previously, it had been circulating rumors that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S III at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Then Samsung select the delay.

Samsung Galaxy S 3
Samsung Galaxy S 3

Previously, it has been circulated leaked specs on the Galaxy S III. BGR is a technology blog that first leaked the specifications of the Galaxy S III, as you can read in Samsung galaxy III news here.

BGR called the Galaxy S III will use a quad core processor 1.5 GHz Samsung Exynos. The screen turns measuring 4.8 inch with resolution full HD 1080p.

Samsung Galaxy S III is also called will have a camera of 8 MP and 2 MP front camera for video call feature. This Samsung Galaxy series is called will use the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and run on LTE 4G network.

Panasonic announced microP2 memory cards

panasonic microP2

To continuing the evolution of recording media with economical and high speed, recently Panasonic announced a new series of memory cards, microP2. This memory card has the form of SD cards for economical recording media. Simultaneous introduction Adaptor Card microP2 ensure that the new series of micro card P2 64GB and 32GB will be operational at this time.

P2 is a product made by Panasonic that offers a memory card as recording media for DVCPRO HD video.

As quoted from Engadget, microP2 card certainly has a high transfer speed, high reliability, assurance process data of all the P2 frame rate, format and codec. Then as the latest Panasonic compression platform, this memory card can go up to the mode-intra200 AVC_ULTRA is available in 2013.

Continuing flexibility of the adapter microP2 card, this design allows the class of 10 or high-quality SD card (at bit rate up to 50Mbps) used in product P2 in extreme situations.

panasonic memory cards
panasonic memory cards
"Solid-state recording format introduced almost a decade ago and Panasonic continue to make P2 improvements," said John Baisley, Executive Vice President of Panasonic System Communications Company of North America (PSCNA). "The development of microP2 cards bring additional innovation to the owners of the product P2 which amounted to more than 250 thousand over the world," he concluded.

Memory cards Panasonic P2 solid-state certainly has a very powerful video capability, audio, and metadata recording, especially in challenging conditions of extreme temperature, shock and vibration.

P2 memory cards allow professional users to benefit from a quick, easy workflow, file-based and outstanding reliability. The product line microP2 and microP2 adapter card will be available in spring 2013.

LG Optimus True HD LTE

LG Optimus True HD LTE
LG Optimus True HD LTE

LG Electronics a companies from South Korea, recently announced plans to change the name of one of smartphone, LG Optimus LTE. This smartphone has changed name more marketable, Optimus True HD LTE. This new naming reflects the screen size and smartphone resolution.

Although not fully HD a 1080p. LG Optimus HD LTE wrapped 4.65-inch IPS display with a resolution of 720p, 1280x720 is impressive.

As quoted from Mobilewhack, LG is also interesting swing on AMOLED Samsung technology. The company said that the LG IPS screen produces a better visual, color and better battery consumption.

Optimus True HD LTE wrapped screen that consumes 0.6 Watts at full brightness, compared with AMOLED consumes 1.0 Watts at full brightness systems.

Besides that, LG Optimus True HD LTE supported processor 1.5GHz, 512MB RAM, and 16GB of internal flash storage. And for camera, this LG smartphone uses dual cameras front and back. The latest version of this phone using the Android 4.0 operating system.

Philippe Starck work on Apple revolutionary product

Apple revolutionary product
Apple revolutionary product

Philippe Starck a famous French designer revealed in an interview that he was working with Apple on a new revolutionary product. Increased the curiosity, this designer reveals that the Apple revolutionary product will be revealed eight months again.

As quoted from Apple Insider, it is conveyed in an interview with France Info radio, without revealing more about the product. "There is a large joint project that will be out in eight months.," Starck said, citing the confidentiality of Apple thus refused to divulge further information.

Philippe Starck said that he met regularly with the co-founder of Apple, who died in October, Steve Jobs.

Meanwhile, Starck has a lot of design work that includes everything from products such as toothbrushes, motor for furniture, interior building up to a windmill.

Because no one knows for sure what products was said Starck, eventually triggering speculation about an Apple TV is reportedly being prepared by the company from Cupertino, California.

Apple TV news is blowing hard enough, there is an early out reports that Apple's design boss, Jony Ive has the Apple 50-inch television in the design studio. In addition to television, Philippe Starck work with Apple could also be associated with other products like the iPhone are redesigned.
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