Samsung Galaxy S III news

samsung Galaxy S III photo
Samsung Galaxy S III

Earlier 2012, the flagship Samsung Android phone get a lot of attention, but it is not surprising because it is packed with a powerful processor, good camera and advanced features. Success with the Galaxy S II, the sequel of this phone Galaxy S III, is expected to show performance in this year.

Samsung did not make an official announcement regarding the Galaxy S iii, so the rumors are growing too much. Samsung has been successful with the Galaxy S II, so definitely want to come back to repeat victory.

Here's some news that accompanies the plan of the presence of the Galaxy S III, as quoted from TechRadar (April 01, 2012):

- Samsung has confirmed that will announce the Galaxy S III release date via Twitter. It is well also denied the rumor Galaxy S 3 will be released in April.

- There are images that leaked on the internet and claimed as a form of Galaxy S III, which states will be inaugurated on 22 March. However, Samsung once again denied the date and images.

Galaxy S iii picture
Galaxy S iii

- Again, the picture was reported as being leaked Galaxy S III back with a striking similarity with the previous image and will be released on May 22, 2012.

- There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be displayed at a special event in France. But as already, Samsung again denied.

- A marketing agency Samsung seems to have made the choice, the Galaxy S III will be in stores worldwide in April.

This seems to be the reason why the delayed Samsung Galaxy S III after the event Mobile World Congress (MWC), which can be launched simultaneously in the United States (U.S.) and worldwide. As is known the release of Galaxy S II was delayed in the U.S., probably because it's Samsung wants to avoid a similar situation on 2012.

Rumors about the presence of new devices is often the case, as does Apple with new iPad. Until the latest devices actually launched, rumors about Samsung Galaxy S III will continue to blow.
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