PDF editor freeware program

PDF editor
PDF editor

PDF stands for portable document format, today there are three best software to convert or create a PDF file format. PDF format commonly used type in the text file documentation, brochures, literature-based online or e-book was developed by Adobe, the cost of the software program to do the convert and edit the PDF format is not cheap. Now, there is PDF editor freeware program that has a full-featured and can be utilized easily and free.

PDF editor freeware program:
- Wondershare PDF Editor Beta
The software that runs on Windows operating system is an innovative tool to edit, modify and annotate the PDF file. Wondershare PDF Editor allows users directly edit all the contents of PDF files in multiple languages. The program is also able to convert from PDF to Word format. Users can also edit, insert text, images, objects, hyperlinks and others.

free PDF converter
free PDF converter

- Kingsoft Office
Kingsoft Office Suite is a suite of office software that offers a number of features to create, view and edit personal and business documents. Kingsoft Office 2012 includes Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Spreadsheets and Kingsoft Presentation. Reliable third program is suitable for use both for personal use at home as well as professionals. Kingsoft Office 2012 support and is compatible with all Microsoft Office formats. Additionally, Kingsoft Office also features a built-in PDF creator for the function / converter, which allows users to convert any file as a PDF file Kingsoft. Users can open, read and edit PDF files and save the document as a text document or turn it into a PDF file.

- PDFMate Free PDF Converter 1.0
PDFMate is claimed as a simple application, fast and certainly not paid to be able to convert PDF files into text documents. In addition, this application also supports to convert from PDF to EPUB eBooks, images, HTML and SWF file format. This application is also easy to use and provides batch conversion mode that serves up help convert PDF files at a time quickly and effectively. Users can also customize the output file and convert the PDF file is accurate and of high quality as the original file.
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