HTC operating system Android or Windows Phone

HTC One X smartphone

The facts, presence of the Android operating system makes the smartphone industry is growing. The openness of the Android platform, be a choice for the mobile phone manufacturers in developing products.

Similarly with HTC a mobile phone manufacturer from Taiwanese. By using the operating system owned by Google, HTC innovation in a number of products launched, including the newest product, the HTC One X.

But, HTC not only use Android operating system. HTC also has a number of products that use Microsoft's operating system, Windows Phone.

President of South Asia-Pacific HTC, Lennard Hoornik, also said there is no operating system is so golden boy. Although many HTC products that use Android, Windows Phone still be an option.

HTC Radar
HTC Radar

"I saw the HTC Radar (which uses the operating system Windows Phone 7.5) is a very good product," said Lennard, in an exclusive interview before the launch of the HTC One X in the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

"It also has an excellent operating system, is very strong in development and is very easy to use," said Lennard.

Lennard Hoornik said the current HTC use of Android on latest products are also a mainstay, HTC One X. However, this does not mean HTC forgetting Windows Phone.

"We will support them (Android and Windows Phone). We believe consumers will have the option, whichever they prefer," he said.

Windows Phone itself is predicted to be doing business again, after Microsoft took Nokia. Number of products with Windows Phone based were already released Nokia, among others Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710.

In addition HTC Radar, also launched several smartphones based on Windows Phone. Products that include the HTC Titan, HTC Titan II, HTC HD7S, and HTC Trophy.
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