Sales of compact system camera

compact system camera
compact system camera

Recently, Panasonic predicts total sales of compact system camera (CSC) will overtake global sales of DSLR cameras in 2015. This means that camera market share is expected to rise approximately 22 percent of the current.

As quoted from TechRadar (April 06, 2012), Panasonic is the first manufacturer to enter the market by introducing CSC Micro Four Thirds camera G1 in 2008. Furthermore the company is headquartered in Osaka continues to expand the range of compact system camera with four different types of products.

Speaking at the launch of the Panasonic Lumix GF5, Barney Sykes from Panasonic UK expect further stagnation DSLR sales for several months and years ahead. Then all of CSC's global market share will increase to 51 percent. This year, compact system camera sales leads rated up to 34 percent.

Although the Panasonic is the first to enter this market, now nearly every major manufacturers follow suit. Among the major producers, the Canon is the only camera that does not issue a mirrorless system in its product line. Panasonic confident Canon will step into the mirrorless system this year.

Panasonic also showed its market share increased by 9%, with record sales recorded in August last year, placing it as a photography brand in the UK is number three, behind Canon and Nikon.
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