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favorite iPhone applications
iPhone applications

This time, iPhone users can no longer boast of exclusive Instagram application, but still there are other iPhone applications that can be proud of. Some interesting applications still present exclusively for the iPhone.

Here are iPhone applications that can be used to make Android users feel envious.

- Flipboard
Favorite news application is first launch on iPad in 2010 and visited iPhone last year. Interestingly Flipboard is a social networking content, RSS feeds and news sources are displayed in a magazine-like format. An Android application that is almost like Flipboard is Zite.

- Pinterest
If iPhone users want to place an exclusive, may still be found in Pinterest. These social networks allow users to install the pin in the photo, video and virtual wall contains a link to her favorite things. Although anyone can invite people into the service via the web, but Pinterest mobile applications currently only available for the iPhone.

- Jetpack Joyride
Android users just getting interesting game called Temple Run in the last month, but they still can not feel the Jetpack Joyride. This game makes players use the jetpack glide along the laboratory. While sliding, they are required to avoid obstacles and collect the coins in order to obtain a better device.

- Infinity Blade
If there is one game that could make Android users jealous, it is supposed to Infinity Blade and its sequel. the core game is a sword fight one on one. The fight is controlled through a wash and press the touch screen.
Epic game publisher said, had no plans to land the Infinity Blade on Android. They reasoned that variations in Android hardware too much can not offer the consistency of playing experience.

- Tweetbot
Twitter users on Android will probably miss Tweetbot slick interface. This application is to apply the technology swipe to reply tweet, retweet and view the conversation.

These iPhone applications that do not exist in Android.
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