Tweetbot 2.2 synchronization iCloud to iPhone and iPad

tweetbot 2.2 application
Tweetbot 2.2

CYY355Q2FB25 This time, developer Tapbots has released the latest version of Tweetbot. This latest version, tweetbot 2.2 allows the synchronization iCloud to various features on the iPad and iPhone.

iCloud version 2.2 allows users to synchronize settings timeline, direct messages (DM) and mute filters on all IOS devices is integrated tweetbot and iCloud. Tweetbot 2.2 has other features include thumbnail preview to view the display of the link iTunes and YouTube videos, also numerous bug fixes.

As quoted from IBTimes (April 08, 2012), in Tweetbot previous versions, users can synchronize user accounts with the timeline marker tweet service, but there must be arrangements between applications. Now with the latest version of Tweetbot, allowing users to synchronize with a direct message (DM) which can be read directly and also carry out the mute feature filters.

With this integration, users can still see the timeline of the last read, despite switching from iPhone to iPad device or vice versa when reading the timeline. For example, if you through a timeline on the iPhone but then you switch to using the iPad, a new integration with iCloud will help users begin to read a timeline of where they left off on iPhone.

Similarly, if you read a message directly on the iPhone, you are also automatically marked as read on the iPad. Tweetbot 2.2 create separate versions and are available for the iPad and iPhone with the cost of USD2.99 on each device. Synchronization features require iCloud account and IOS 5 support or more on mobile devices.
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