Olympus Meg4.0 similar Google glasses

Google glasses
Google glasses

Google glasses have been heralded as the future of cutting-edge glasses, although it has not been released. Now, Olympus is rumored to be issued a similar product earlier.

As quoted from Device Magazine, glasses made ​​by Olympus was named Meg4.0. This product is a pair of glasses worn similar to those commonly used in fiction films.

However, the Tokyo-based company has not revealed a release date or price tag of future glasses. Systems of glasses on the side of the device and connected to the tablet or mobile phone via Bluetooth.

A virtual screen-sharp 320 x 240 pixel floating above the wearer's eyes. Olympus Meg4.0 is designed for use throughout the day and be able to survive for eight hours.

Until later when Google started seriously in augmented reality with Project Glass this year. Olympus itself has not revealed details about the user interface on the handheld device.

DNSChanger malware make doomsday internet

DNSChanger malware

Rumors of the "doomsday internet" on July 9, because of malware called DNSChanger, more widely heard. Then if your computer is infected with DNSChanger malware?

As quoted from PCMag, according to the posting of the F-Secure blog on Thursday, a statistics released last month suspected of more than 300 thousand IP addresses (Internet Protocol) address is still influenced by DNSChanger. Most or nearly 70 thousand between the IP address is located in the United States (U.S.)

But because there are 300 thousand computers that are at risk of losing access to the internet, then the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to shut down internet access this month.

"Of course, decide DNS server will cause some loss, but it is the fastest way to cure the infection remains to this day. Honestly, if it's faster is better, because the computer is vulnerable to other infections," said F-Secure.

DNS setting
DNS setting

Starting in November 2011, when the FBI seized and shut down approximately 100 servers that infect millions of computers with DNSChanger. Infected machine is setting its DNS (Domain Name System) has been amended so that the website can lead to a server controlled by criminals. Reportedly, the trickster-induced virtual world, they managed to get the benefit of millions of dollars.

Therefore, the FBI wanted to kill a rogue server, but if they do, the computer is infected will lose access to the internet. The FBI was eventually ordered by the court to maintain these servers and users are given the time to fix her computer.

Initially the court order was only scheduled until March 8, but later extended to July 9. Thus, if until July 9 there is still a machine infected computer, their Internet connection will be disconnected due to the closure of the server.

Examine ways DNSChanger Malware Infected Computer
In an effort to warn users about DNSChanger, Google and Facebook also announced plans to display a warning to the user who allegedly have been infected.

There are several ways to check if the computer is infected with DNSChanger, although the DNS Changer Working Group has a quick way to check via dns-ok.us. If the computer is not infected, then the user will see a green screen, but if otherwise then they will see the red.
Alternatively, if users know its DNS settings, they can check it out on the FBI website.

iPad Mini slid in October?

iPad Mini
iPad Mini

Apple Mini Tablet "iPad Mini" is rumored to be slid in October 2012. According to analysts, this device will carry a 7.85-inch screen and the tablet will become economical.

Currently, Apple is still dominating the tablet market, although iPad it will face competition with tablet that uses Widows 8.

In addition, Apple tablet also will face competition from the same segment, as economical product that carries a 7. Amazon released 85-inch and various other manufacturers.

Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves was speculation about the Apple iPad Mini needs to be clarified. iPad Mini Previously, Apple mini-tablet rumored to be slid in the third quarter or September 2012, but he said that the iPad Mini will slide in October 2012.

Information from TabTimes, Hargreaves said that the iPad mini tablet will be priced at approximately USD299 by using 8GB of memory. "We anticipate the entry-level iPad products with 7.85-inch screen with 8GB of NAND memory. The tablet will be priced at USD299 with prime gross margin of 31 percent. "

Galaxy S III update Jelly Bean

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung's flagship smartphone, Galaxy S III is likely to be the first to get the newest version of Android update, Jelly Bean. Reportedly Galaxy S III will be updated with the Jelly Bean in the fourth quarter 2012.

As quoted from the CBR Online, following the announcement of Android Jelly Bean by Google last week, Samsung also said it will announce the device qualified for updated operating system.

"As the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung led the Android community with the best in its class such as the Galaxy S III and created a new category of devices with products such as Galaxy Note," said Samsung.

Samsung also said it welcomed because Google will give customers the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S be the first to experience the Jelly Bean.

After holding Galaxy S III update Jelly Bean, Samsung will be joined by other manufacturers who also intend to upgrade Jelly Bean to the device. Prior to Samsung, HTC revealed its mobile devices will also be upgraded to Android Jelly Bean.

Standard features for auth Florence mailboxes

Auth florence is the only company that provide the super quality for any kind of mailboxes, or even chimes which could help you to complete your needs when you think that you need mailbox whether for your apartment, commercial mailboxes, or even for your residential. Since it is the first and even the only company, you could get more choices to choose the right mailbox that you need. Well, this is the great time to have a good organizing all of your documents, and files into this mailbox. That is why, if you think that you need to save the space of any room, it will helpful for you as the storage.

Auth-florence for the most popular one is that 1500 horizontal with rear – load of mailbox that is works well and even designed to be used in the larger buildings such as apartment for multi – family, offices, and even dormitories. The most things that you should know about the product itself are that around October in 2006, the system of mailbox itself is in the new construction and some majority parts are being renovated. The standard feature that is existed in this type itself is that first the combination that grouped is 5, 6, and 7 for compartments high. Meanwhile for the compartments wide it is 3, 4, and 5 for Florence mailboxes.

Other features that is about the material that this mailbox created from finishing anodized aluminum that is completed with cylinder cam lock in 5 – pin and it is completed with two keys so that it is around 1,000 of key changes. For the number slots, it is from clear plastic and the rear cover could be lift – off around 1500 series. The compartments have the depth around 15 inches and it is only for recess – mounted for standard. However, it is not for outdoor usage that is why you need to protect it from any kind of weather for auth Florence mailboxes.

Microsoft not produce Smartphone


Microsoft certainly will not produce a smartphone. Because the giant software maker has made ​​a deal with Nokia as a partner, to produce a smartphone.

"Microsoft has made a clear decision by Nokia, where he chose us as a partner to manufacture the smartphone," said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. Similarly, as quoted from IBTimes.

Meanwhile, the marketing manager of Microsoft Windows Phone Greeg Sullivan said, "We have a strong ecosystem with our partners, and we are satisfied with it."

Previously, speculation emerged from a financial analyst, Rick Sherlund. In his report, he claimed Microsoft is planning to produce smartphone Windows 8 out of its cooperation with Nokia. Sherlund also inform Nokia investors through letters, Microsoft may be cooperating with manufacturers to produce devices.

In an interview, adding Elop, Microsoft has made a strategy by Nokia. The two companies are collaborating through technology and software, including operating system Windows Phone.
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