Sales of compact system camera

compact system camera
compact system camera

Recently, Panasonic predicts total sales of compact system camera (CSC) will overtake global sales of DSLR cameras in 2015. This means that camera market share is expected to rise approximately 22 percent of the current.

As quoted from TechRadar (April 06, 2012), Panasonic is the first manufacturer to enter the market by introducing CSC Micro Four Thirds camera G1 in 2008. Furthermore the company is headquartered in Osaka continues to expand the range of compact system camera with four different types of products.

Speaking at the launch of the Panasonic Lumix GF5, Barney Sykes from Panasonic UK expect further stagnation DSLR sales for several months and years ahead. Then all of CSC's global market share will increase to 51 percent. This year, compact system camera sales leads rated up to 34 percent.

Although the Panasonic is the first to enter this market, now nearly every major manufacturers follow suit. Among the major producers, the Canon is the only camera that does not issue a mirrorless system in its product line. Panasonic confident Canon will step into the mirrorless system this year.

Panasonic also showed its market share increased by 9%, with record sales recorded in August last year, placing it as a photography brand in the UK is number three, behind Canon and Nikon.

Flixel application to make image move easier

Flixel application

Recently, an animated GIF is present in an application called Flixel. iPhone application was launched to make the image move with easier and more speed.

Flixel an iPhone application created by a company based in Toronto, Canada is Flixel Photos. This application allows the photographer's mobile phone to make a beautiful moving images without expensive camera equipment.

It all started when its founder, Mark Homza and Phillippe LeBlanca fascinated by Cinemagraph is the photographs in a movement that was created by separating a certain movement. Cinemagraph process was created and its trademark by visual graphics Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, a photographer at popular Tumbrl blog "From Me To You".

They caught the moment with video and still equipment, then do the editing using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. Pieces of photography and video is presented in a GIF file.

"What was done by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg is to reformat the GIF format and the art form by merging the gap between photos and video. So they position themselves as a photographer with a moving element," said Mark Homza founder Flixer application, as quoted from Mashabel.

Instagram officially on Android

Instagram photography application
Instagram application

Since 18 months ago, Instagram comes exclusively to the iPhone, but now all changed. Photography application of the much loved is now officially landed on Android.

As quoted from PC World, Instagram allows users to take pictures with various filters, and share photographs to various places, including Instagram social networking.

This photography application takes approximately 17MB of storage space, so be careful if you have little memory space remaining. Also, do not forget to check the Android version you use. Instagram for Android can be used only for Android 2.2 and above.

Claimed in Instagram blog, has been around more than 30 million people who join and share photos through Apple IOS device. It also claimed that the application for the Android is similar to its iPhone version.

"We try to imagine what would happen if everyone could share the world around them through a camera phone. With the release of Instagram for Android, we are one step closer to that goal," writes the blog Instagram.

White Space technology as Super Wifi

Super Wifi
Super Wifi

Actually, infrastructure is a major challenge in the development of broadband in various countries. However, now found a solution to connect broadband across the region with a White Space technology, 802.11aF.

Technology which is also called the Super Wifi utilizes empty spectrum space that is in line TV broadcasts.

"Broadband is the oxygen for economy digital. For broadband it is very important," said Daniel Reed, vice president of the Technology Policy Group Microsoft, the discussion in the House Technology Policy Council of the Press.

white space technology
white space technology

White Space technology is capable of detecting the blank space that is not used by broadcast TV, but use the spectrum. "If at any time, the spectrum requested by the owner, then the system can detect and then returned to their owners," added Tony Seno Hartono, National Technology Officer of Microsoft.

Tony said that the White Space is able to detect and take advantage of low frequency between 50 to 700 MHz which allows the use to rural areas with access to a wider range of wifi.
"This coverage can be up to 3 km. If Wi-Fi at only 100 meters away," he said.

To that he said this could be a solution to the development of broadband, rather than using Wimax is still fairly expensive. "It could be an alternative for rural internet," he said.

This technology can also be used in urban environments, considering the low frequency, he added, it can penetrate walls and buildings.

White Space technology still Discourse
Although quite helpful for the development of broadband, this technology still can not be realized. This is due to the spectrum is owned by the respective institutions.

Tony agrees this. But Microsoft will see if there are regulations related to the concept.

"It is necessary first clay regulations. In Europe and America is already known, that here was a discourse," he said.

Several large technology companies, including Microsoft, British Telecom, Nokia, Samsung, BBC intense experimented this technology in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The company is already anticipating the next trend that every device will be more connected.

PDF editor freeware program

PDF editor
PDF editor

PDF stands for portable document format, today there are three best software to convert or create a PDF file format. PDF format commonly used type in the text file documentation, brochures, literature-based online or e-book was developed by Adobe, the cost of the software program to do the convert and edit the PDF format is not cheap. Now, there is PDF editor freeware program that has a full-featured and can be utilized easily and free.

PDF editor freeware program:
- Wondershare PDF Editor Beta
The software that runs on Windows operating system is an innovative tool to edit, modify and annotate the PDF file. Wondershare PDF Editor allows users directly edit all the contents of PDF files in multiple languages. The program is also able to convert from PDF to Word format. Users can also edit, insert text, images, objects, hyperlinks and others.

free PDF converter
free PDF converter

- Kingsoft Office
Kingsoft Office Suite is a suite of office software that offers a number of features to create, view and edit personal and business documents. Kingsoft Office 2012 includes Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Spreadsheets and Kingsoft Presentation. Reliable third program is suitable for use both for personal use at home as well as professionals. Kingsoft Office 2012 support and is compatible with all Microsoft Office formats. Additionally, Kingsoft Office also features a built-in PDF creator for the function / converter, which allows users to convert any file as a PDF file Kingsoft. Users can open, read and edit PDF files and save the document as a text document or turn it into a PDF file.

- PDFMate Free PDF Converter 1.0
PDFMate is claimed as a simple application, fast and certainly not paid to be able to convert PDF files into text documents. In addition, this application also supports to convert from PDF to EPUB eBooks, images, HTML and SWF file format. This application is also easy to use and provides batch conversion mode that serves up help convert PDF files at a time quickly and effectively. Users can also customize the output file and convert the PDF file is accurate and of high quality as the original file.

HTC operating system Android or Windows Phone

HTC One X smartphone

The facts, presence of the Android operating system makes the smartphone industry is growing. The openness of the Android platform, be a choice for the mobile phone manufacturers in developing products.

Similarly with HTC a mobile phone manufacturer from Taiwanese. By using the operating system owned by Google, HTC innovation in a number of products launched, including the newest product, the HTC One X.

But, HTC not only use Android operating system. HTC also has a number of products that use Microsoft's operating system, Windows Phone.

President of South Asia-Pacific HTC, Lennard Hoornik, also said there is no operating system is so golden boy. Although many HTC products that use Android, Windows Phone still be an option.

HTC Radar
HTC Radar

"I saw the HTC Radar (which uses the operating system Windows Phone 7.5) is a very good product," said Lennard, in an exclusive interview before the launch of the HTC One X in the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

"It also has an excellent operating system, is very strong in development and is very easy to use," said Lennard.

Lennard Hoornik said the current HTC use of Android on latest products are also a mainstay, HTC One X. However, this does not mean HTC forgetting Windows Phone.

"We will support them (Android and Windows Phone). We believe consumers will have the option, whichever they prefer," he said.

Windows Phone itself is predicted to be doing business again, after Microsoft took Nokia. Number of products with Windows Phone based were already released Nokia, among others Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710.

In addition HTC Radar, also launched several smartphones based on Windows Phone. Products that include the HTC Titan, HTC Titan II, HTC HD7S, and HTC Trophy.

HTC One X smartphone durability


HTC is mobile phone manufacturer from Taiwanese launched HTC One X the smartphone with quad-core processor 1.5 GHz Tegra3 it has the advantage in the camera, so the HTC X One also has the tagline "Amazing camera, Authentic sound", sound cool huh.

But the features of the camera is not the only advantages of HTC One X. This smartphone has a unibody design with a polycarbonate material, which makes durability somewhat special.

When launched the HTC One X in Singapore last weekend, HTC also demonstrated the superiority durability HTC One X. In a special booth, HTC shows that One X remains fractured and not broken, even when in the dry cleaning machine.

HTC One X smartphone
HTC One X smartphone

Not only that, HTC also showed superiority water resistant HTC One X. Although tap water through the screen HTC One X, but the phone is still functioning normally, and the water does not infiltrate into the sound through the speakers. Even so, HTC called One X is not water proof cell phone, and only water resistant.

Then, HTC also shows the flexibility of the polycarbonate material by pressing HTC X One with an iron. Durability of polycarbonate material that is used HTC One X causes the body does not break. Once the pressure is removed, the body will return to its normal state.

"Smartphones are expensive. You certainly do not want to buy a smartphone that is easy to crack and easily damaged," said President of South Asia-Pacific HTC, Lennard Hoornik, when found before the launch of the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

"If you spend a lot of money to buy a smartphone, you want to ensure quality and durability is good. That's what we did with HTC One X," said Lennard.

Samsung Galaxy S III news

samsung Galaxy S III photo
Samsung Galaxy S III

Earlier 2012, the flagship Samsung Android phone get a lot of attention, but it is not surprising because it is packed with a powerful processor, good camera and advanced features. Success with the Galaxy S II, the sequel of this phone Galaxy S III, is expected to show performance in this year.

Samsung did not make an official announcement regarding the Galaxy S iii, so the rumors are growing too much. Samsung has been successful with the Galaxy S II, so definitely want to come back to repeat victory.

Here's some news that accompanies the plan of the presence of the Galaxy S III, as quoted from TechRadar (April 01, 2012):

- Samsung has confirmed that will announce the Galaxy S III release date via Twitter. It is well also denied the rumor Galaxy S 3 will be released in April.

- There are images that leaked on the internet and claimed as a form of Galaxy S III, which states will be inaugurated on 22 March. However, Samsung once again denied the date and images.

Galaxy S iii picture
Galaxy S iii

- Again, the picture was reported as being leaked Galaxy S III back with a striking similarity with the previous image and will be released on May 22, 2012.

- There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be displayed at a special event in France. But as already, Samsung again denied.

- A marketing agency Samsung seems to have made the choice, the Galaxy S III will be in stores worldwide in April.

This seems to be the reason why the delayed Samsung Galaxy S III after the event Mobile World Congress (MWC), which can be launched simultaneously in the United States (U.S.) and worldwide. As is known the release of Galaxy S II was delayed in the U.S., probably because it's Samsung wants to avoid a similar situation on 2012.

Rumors about the presence of new devices is often the case, as does Apple with new iPad. Until the latest devices actually launched, rumors about Samsung Galaxy S III will continue to blow.

Tim Cook better than Steve Jobs as Apple CEO

Tim Cook with Steve Jobs
Tim Cook

According to a poll of Apple employees, new Apple CEO Tim Cook did a better job than his predecessor, Steve Jobs. Poll by job site, is providing 97 Tim approval, two points higher than Jobs.

As quoted from DailyMail (April 01, 2012), Tim Cook's ranking for a period from March 2011 until March 2012, while for Steve Jobs during March 2010 to March 2011.
"To be fair, 2 percent difference is small enough gap, especially when you consider how long Jobs lead and Tim C the newly seated in that position," said Blogger, OM Malik, who reported statistics.

Tim Cook is still in a period of 'honeymoon', because only seven months holds his official duties as CEO.

Tim Cook has led the company founded by Steve Jobs during a period of great growth. Meanwhile, approval ratings for Tim C was also higher than the CEO of other technology companies, such as Larry Page (94 percent) from Google, and Paul Jacobs (95 percent) at Qualcomm.
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