HTC boss: iPhone used by Old People

iPhone used by Old people
iPhone used by Old people

With several products smartphone Android-based, HTC to be one serious contender iPhone in the rule the world mobile market. HTC boss is now even being aggressive. He made a public statement that the iPhone is only used by old people.

As quoted by page Mashable, HTC Boss for North America, Martin Fichter said young people are no longer interested in using the iPhone. This conclusion was drawn after accompanying his daughter lecture at Reed College, Portland, USA. At that time, Martin Fichter and conduct an informal survey.

"None of those using the iPhone. Their excuse: My father also used the iPhone," Fichter said, while speaking at the Mobile Future Forward conference in Seattle, United States.

"The interesting thing is happening in the market. iPhones no longer considered cool. They wear HTC, Samsung, and a number of cell phones and other gadgets made in China," said Martin Fichter.

However, Fichter did not consider all Apple products are no longer cool and is only used by parents. "MacBook Air is still cool. iPhone no longer cool. Here we are probably using an iPhone, but the children we no longer consider it cool."

HTC today is taking some aggressive steps. Despite using the Android operating system and Windows 7 Phone, HTC claims still looking for other alternatives to the operating system. Thus, HTC no longer depend on the Google as Android maker, especially since Google bought Motorola.

Martin Fichter utterance seemed to really impress a new marketing strategy HTC. So far, the impression of cool is Apple's strategy in the control of the smartphone market. However, Fichter step is considered strange, because during this time many people were waiting for the launch of the iPhone 5.

But, if not regarded as a marketing strategy, greeting Fichter assessed a point. So far, the iPhone is more widely used by older people, who tend to be expensive due to its price, especially when compared to Android-based smartphone that is cheaper.

Based on data from the recommendation engine statistic Hunch, Android users are mostly aged 18-34 years. Age is considered "cool" and make "cool" as an excuse to buy a product.
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