IBM Simon the First Smartphone technology

IBM Simon
IBM Simon

This time, mobile phones become a necessity which is no longer used merely to call or send a short message or SMS. With the development of digital technology, the phone function is now evolving to meet the communication needs through the Internet and a host of entertainment applications.

Cell phone manufacturers are now continuing to develop the production of smartphones. Not only that, a number of corporate giants in the field of information technology also makes the smartphone market with a passionate rivalry in the developing smartphone operating system support.

In fact, when compared to existing smartphones, the first smartphone arguably made ​​much simpler. Debuting in 1993 at the Wireless World Conference, IBM launched a company BellSouth Cellular Simon as the first smartphone in the world.

As quoted from the pages of Mashable, the first smartphone weight is only about 1 pound or 0.5 pounds. IBM Simon is the forerunner of the PDA-phones that use LCD touchscreen.

The first smartphone is also the first phone that did not have a massage button and use the touch screen with stylus support. In addition, this phone also has an on-screen QWERTY keyboard.

When first launched, IBM Simon was promoted as the phone function is more than just voice. Simon was introduced as a device that uses advanced wireless technology and can function as a pager, email, calendar, date book, address book, calculator, to create an electronic sketch.

At that time, IBM Simon marketed at a price of around U.S. $ 899. Obviously the price is much more expensive than the price of an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android-based smartphone sold today.

IBM Simon is only produced as many as 2,000 units. With limited production of IBM Simon, I wonder if Simon is currently the target of collectors.
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