Apple will launch iPhone 4 8GB version

Not long time, Apple will launch iPhone 4 8GB version, Reuters reported on two people who trace their sources.
iPhone 4
iPhone 4

As quoted from Pocket-Lint, Wednesday (24/8/2011), with rumors that the iPhone 5 will launch, also currently circulating the news that Apple will also launch the iPhone with a cheaper price.

Apple lowered the price of their products by reducing the component specification. This step is done so that the iPhone version of the old can still be coupled parallel to the iPhone 5 for sales.

Unlike the old version of the iPad 'buried' so the new version release, Apple still offers something for the products of the previous iPhone in order to retain the market. So the steps taken by Apple for iPhone 4 felt good enough to retain its market.

Reuters claims that the source of the flash memory of 8GB which will installed on the iPhone 4 are in the stage production in Korea. Other sources from Reuters also mentions that the iPhone 5 also will have a touch screen bigger, better antenna and an 8-megapixel camera.

Apple is expected to make an official announcement in September. Until now, even the date of announcement in the media was still confusing.
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