iPhone to Remote Control for Helicopter

If you want to use your iPhone for something more than just phone calls and enjoy multimedia? Try use your Apple phone (iPhone) into a remote control for the helicopter.

Griffin Technology, a developer of innovative accessories for computers and digital media has a solution. Quoted from Geeky Gadgets, August 23, 2011, they bring Griffin TC Helo RC helicopter.

For remote control, the iPhone will be fitted with extra accessories ie transmitter adapter and special applications. The helicopter itself uses twin rotors are mounted to the aluminum frame and polycarbonate with a black body. The battery can be recharged via USB connection.

For communication, the iPhone will use an infrared transmitter to control the RC helicopter. The transmitter adapter to connect to the iPhone via headphone jack.

Transmitter to be placed on the iPhone itself using the power from 2 AA batteries. Users who want to fly a helicopter could use the applications installed, or using the iPhone's internal accelerometer.

As if the 3.7V 180mAh battery mounted on the helicopter is fully charged, users can fly for about 8 minutes.
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