Latest Blackberry QNX OS can run Android Applications

Have many new surprises that will be presented by blackberry manufacture, Research in Motion through a variety latest BlackBerry mobile phones that will be coming soon. The shock was more than just a new operating system, QNX OS.
Blackberry QNX OS
Blackberry QNX OS

Surprises are presented Research in Motion (RIM) is making access to approximately 250 thousand Android applications that can run on the latest mobile devices from the BlackBerry. This happened because an innovative partnership forged between the rim with Google.

The initial idea to bring Android to the BlackBerry device pioneered by RIM's current flagship tablet, the BlackBerry Playbook. Android was originally used to support the 'App Player' that gives users access to present a variety of applications through the Android Market.

As quoted by TG Daily, Friday (26/08/2011), the latest version of the BlackBerry mobile operating system called QNX and this is also a total modification of the BlackBerry interface which lasted until the last decade.

QNX is an operating system that gets lots of praise, even with strong multitasking capabilities and intuitive design, making RIM ready to compete with the iPhone and Android phones in various international markets.

But some observers deplore why this new operating system is raised today, although the QNX OS that is refreshing and good for RIM, but RIM is still considered to have failed to compete with its rivals.

The use of prime QNX operating system on the BlackBerry, is expected to succeed in 2012 and this might be the last chance RIM to survive in the face of the current smartphone competition.

The ability to run Android applications on BlackBerry devices, is a major step in increasing sales of the Blackberry in the next year and achieve the goals mentioned above.
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