Samsung will Introduce the Latest generation Android tablet

Samsung, tablet manufacture saving something big for the first time introduced at the IFA 2011 event in Berlin, Germany. Although still a secret, many observers suspect surprise is not far from the line up tablets Galaxy, which is reaping tremendous success.

One of the most widely heard rumor that the Samsung will introduce the latest generation P6200 tablet, which is an upgrade from their first Android tablet Galaxy 7 inches. This increase alone would focus on strengthening the resolution of the displayed screen.

Rumors in the event the IFA 2011 later, Galaxy 7-inch that will use the new super AMOLED screen with a resolution of SVGA with a resolution of 1024x600 pixel density. So that was launched OLED Display, Monday (08/22/2011).

Samsung itself is now ready to produce HD Super AMOLED screen technology with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels pentile. Pentile technology itself is a renewable technology that can make the screen brighter present, but able to cut with less energy.

In addition, South Korean vendors are also set up AMOLED screen HD Super Plus without pentile technology. This screen is presented to provide better contrast and a bright screen level with the maximum.

There has been no definite information from Samsung, because they still have meetings surprises that will be given until the event will be held next month.
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