Touchscreen Technology of Smartphone

Actually smartphone technology is very rapid at all, especially after the release of the Android OS by Google add to competition in the mobile OS phone with touchscreen features. Mobile phone manufacturers competing to produce a handheld device with touchscreen features. If you decide to buy phones or tablet touchscreen to note is the technology of smartphone.

There are two smartphone technology of several technologies that are often used by touchscreen or tablet touchscreen smartphones sold in the market, namely Resistive and Capacitive. There are some differences that affect the function and the price of the devices using each of these technologies.

Device with a resistive screen is operated with compressed, because the resistive screen is composed of several layers. Can be pressed with your finger or a tool such as stylus or tablet pen. Resistive screen price is cheaper than the capacitive screen. Resistive screen is more accurate than the capacitive screen because the sensor works on the screen is pressed. This type of screen is well suited for handwriting recognition. Disadvantages of the resistive screen is not multi touch, pushed two places at once simultaneously.

Device with a capacitive screen is not working with pressed, the screen of this type rely on the sensor electrode conductors, such as the fingers of our hands. The screen is still good capacitive seen under the sun. Enough with the light touch can directly activate the screen. Capacitive screen has no effect if the condition is dirty screen, and supports multi-touch screen. Unfortunately the price of capacitive screens are more expensive.

The nature and characteristics of these two touchscreen technology affect the use and price, usually phone / tablet with capacitive screens are more expensive than resistive screens. Examples of devices with capacitive screens on the market is, Apple iPhone, Samsung S Galaxy, HTC Incredible and many more. While examples of phones that use resistive screen that is, the Nokia N97, HTC Tattoo, LG KP500 Cookie and others. Take a good phone specification if you want to buy it, sometimes the same type but a different series of different specifications of the screen, for example as tablets Huawei Ideos S7 103 and 105 series, 103 series 105 series screen resistive and capacitive screens.

RIM will launch Blackberry Messenger Music

Recently BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM), exploring to enter the streaming music market with BBM music. RIM's new service will soon be introduced to BlackBerry users.

BBM Music will be linked with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), which lets users connect and share BBM music with contacts in their BlackBerry Messenger. BBM Music Users will also be able to listen to songs from the contact list of friends in their BBM.

Therefore, RIM also makes the tagline: more friends = more music.

But, the services paid U.S. $ 4.9 thousand per month should work hard to earn interest at market streaming music. Because BBM Music users will be limited only to select 50 songs from millions of songs that exist in the catalog RIM.

Mobile music application like Pandora and Spotify has attracted the majority of iPhone users and Android smartphone. However, until now BlackBerry platform untouched by the music application.

Eliot Van Buskirk, editor of music technology blog,, thinking that this vulnerability could be exploited BBM Music to successful. "Very clever the way they built it on the mechanisms of social networks that already exist," said Van Buskirk. "People do not think the BlackBerry as an entertainment platform, but I've heard from various developers of music application, they like to develop a music application for the BlackBerry platform because it does not have many competitors."

But the service is still widely criticized, mainly because of restrictions on 50 songs to choose. "This service is like intended to direct users to invite people at random through the Blackberry Messenger, so they can get more songs," wrote one customer. "But I prefer to consider the social aspects, rather than just a matter of friends to get a song."
Blackberry Messenger Music is expected to be launched later this year.
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