Sony announced new game titles free to play

Planetside 2
Planetside 2

Recently, Sony Online Entertainment announced new game titles free-to-play that will be featured at E3 2012 event. Included are game Planetside 2 is very eagerly awaited.

"Middlebury game at E3 this year has a variety of titles free-to-play that covers all genres and platforms, from children to mature," said Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley.

"With a row of the game free-to-play the largest and most diverse, Sony Online Entertainment sends PlanetSide 2, two new titles and playing on the new favorite of the franchise, plus innovation MMO that has never been shown before," he added.

PlanetSide 2 game offers all the innovative features of the original game, multiplayer battles, different kingdoms and continents is very great place to do battle. There was also a game Bullet Run which is a team based first person shooter.

As quoted from Tom's Hardware, another game to be displayed is Online Wizardry created by game genre with a mix of classic Wizardry mulplayer massive online role-playing game (MMORPG). Then also present a preview of The Last Laugh, Sunstone Valley, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventure and Vanguard Saga of Heroes.

iPhone 5 using 1 GB RAM and iOS 6 ?

latest iPhone products
latest iPhone

The endless rumors about the latest iPhone product as known iPhone 5, recently through an unknown source, the iPhone 5 is rumored to be using 1 GB of RAM and iOS 6.

The use of IOS 6 is a great gift and Apple "do more development to iOS", and some suspect the California-based company will not have difficulties when launching the iPhone 5 in October 2012, as quoted from Softpedia.

Of a prototype next-generation iPhone, a smartphone is using a variant of the A5-*** CPU Qualcomm baseband as well as the type found in the rumored iPad 3 can support the LTE network.

Previously, there were outstanding photo from Fuse. Where the source is to explain some wild and crazy concepts believed to be the most conceptual phone design. The source claims the iPhone is going to slide in early summer.

This latest iPhone is estimated to be similar to the concept with 4-inch super bright screen and high definition. Not only that, Apple's smartphone will use 10 megapixel camera on the back and the 5 megapixel camera on the front.

iPhone 4s
iPhone 5

Using 4.14x2.25 inch chassis makes this next-generation iPhone will have a 7 millimeters thinner than previous generations.

On the other hand, some time ago said bloggers, tech writers and fans expect Apple called iPhone 4S as iPhone 5, since the smartphone is the fifth generation of the Apple handset. It became believe Apple will not give the name of the product for the next generation iPhone 5.

More recently, Apple has guaranteed to have a relevant domain name for the next generation iPhone. The latest report said the California-based company has filed a claim at the World Intellectual Property Organization to control domain.

At present, a container small forum for fans of Apple. Through the forum, they can find the latest rumor for the latest iPhone. This site has been published into the footnotes disclaimer, with the status of this forum and not affiliated with or sponsored by Apple.

Apple HD TV announce in WWDC?

Apple HD TV
Apple HD TV

Apple the company made ​​by the late Steve Jobs will announce a television product as famous called Apple HD TV in the event the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) next week.

As quoted from Digital Spy, BGR claims to have received information from "reliable sources", Apple will introduce the next generation of mobile operating system IOS 6 at WWDC. Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently described the television as an "intense concern" for Apple, but still secret about plans for the company in this sector.

Cult of Mac earlier report describes some of the features that will be the mainstay for the Apple HD TV. In addition, device will also have a display similar to the LED-backlit displays that are in theaters. The device has a built-in iSight camera, which allows users to enjoy video calls FaceTime.

For control functions, Apple HD TV using Siri features. Siri has previously features a digital assistant for the latest iPhone smartphone. Not only that, HD TV from Apple is also equipped with the function of airplay.

Cheap short messaging service to reduce unwanted SMS

cheap SMS
cheap SMS

Hi friends... Do you get annoyed flooded with short messaging service (SMS) offering loans without collateral? SMS cost-based interconnection scheme early next month is expected to reduce unwanted SMS (spam). short messaging service is shown to have a lot of waste harmful to society.

Head of Public Relations and Information Center Ministry of Communications and Information Gatot S Dewa Broto said the SMS spam will not automatically disappear.
"We never say will be lost. But, at least to suppress SMS spam," said Billy, as quoted from

According to Billy, people will think twice in sending SMS broadcast, including free SMS promos. "Maybe there is still incoming SMS spam, but they must be prepared to risk the imposition of tariffs that exist," he said.

Cheap SMS
Billy also said that despite the cost-based scheme, but instead tend to be cheaper SMS rates. He added that the actual rate SMS is expensive. Most of the people sometimes do not realize that the lower prices and sometimes free is given it applies to certain terms and conditions.

In addition, operators will not be convinced Billy raise SMS rates, given the current competition is getting tight. They certainly think twice when it will raise SMS rates.
"If you raise rates, this is an unpopular policy, this is sensitive," he said.

Although there is some noise from the telecommunication operator which is not yet fully support the new scheme of cheap SMS interconnection, Billy simply says that the service culture that still wait and see rule. Once the rules have been defined, the telecommunication operator will follow what the provisions of these regulations.

Smartphone HTC One X review

HTC One X smartphone
HTC One X smartphone

Smartphone HTC One X review. We are know if Smartphone HTC One X has been sliding on the mobile market. By carrying the tagline 'amazing camera, authentic sound' make a smartphone has become one of HTC's flagship product. However, how the performance of this smartphone? Here's review HTC One X smartphone.

Display of HTC One X
Overall, this smartphone weighs 130 grams. HTC One X can practically have the power of the use of polycarbonate unibody casing. Then, a smartphone made by HTC has a thickness of 8.9 mm and to use 4.7-inch screen made from Gorilla Glass 2 Super LCD with 1280x720 resolution. Through the optical laminate, making HTC One X has a wider viewing angle and can reduce the reflection of light that improves visibility when used in the daytime.

Fast and Strong Thanks to the performance of quad-core processors
Pinned quad-core 1.5 Ghz NVIDIA Tegra 3 as kitchen runway, making the HTC One X produces a rapid response to web browsing, gaming or video downloading. When testing is done to play the game, HTC One puts a fast and responsive experience. Not only that, when done surfing through the web browsing test, this smartphone provides easy and quick experience.

Then, HTC One X is to use the operating system HTC Sense 4, where the operating system is to maintain its basic functions as well as tailored to the Android operating system 4 (Ice Cream Sandwhich). With the use of the operating system, can provide the experience easy, intuitive, intelligent, and fun.

HTC One X review

Amazing Camera
Amazing Camera is one of the 'weapon' that carried at HTC One. HTC One X camera presents the ease and speed that delivers amazing photographic experience. When you operate the camera only takes 0.7 seconds to capture images as well as auto focus 0.2 seconds. With these advantages, lets you capture images without the fear of losing the moment. In addition, the 8.0 megapixel camera using 28 mm F2.0 lens is equipped HTC and HTC Smart Flash ImageSense make the images have very good quality even in low lighting.

Authentic Sound
Looks like HTC One X smartphone is highly recommended for those who frequently listen to music. With the use of Beats Audio technology integrated in this device provides the professional sound engineering. Not only that, customizable audio that can be changed at any time, no one if the resulting audio quality is excellent.

HTC One X as a superior product that carries the 'Amazing Camera, Authentic Sound' seems indeed feasible given the predicate. camera shots HTC One X wonderful. Advantage may have been prepared with a camera as a weapon ripe for lifting HTC X product. One Then to the Audio, it provides excellent sound quality with support for Audio Beast.

For performance no doubt with a pin quad-core 1.5 Ghz NVIDIA Tegra 3 as well as kitchen runway HTC Sense 4 operating system can provide the experience easy, intuitive, intelligent, and fun course. HTC One X Design also quite stylist and shape that fits right grip makes the smartphone into your partner during the move. This Smartphone in premium market is still priced at a relatively expensive, price USD700. However, with the specifications and quality offered "price does not lie".

Specification smartphone HTC One X:
Android OS, v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Nvidia Tegra processor 3 Quad-core 1.5 GHz, ULP GeForce GPU
Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen
Rear camera 8 MP, 3264x2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
32 GB of internal storage, 1 GB RAM
Beats Audio Integration
Stereo FM radio with RDS
microUSB v2.0
Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, WiFi Direct, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot
Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, EDR

Lenovo desktop All-in-One IdeaCentre A720 price

Lenovo IdeaCentre A720
IdeaCentre A720

Lenovo introduced the newest desktop All-in-One, the IdeaCentre A720. Lenovo desktop All-in-One is a 27-inch desktop thinnest in the world.

Manufacturers of desktop All-in-One from Taiwan is expressed, IdeaCentre A720 has a perfect blend of performance and design.

"The IdeaCentre A720 is the perfect combination of performance and design," said Julius Tjihin, Lenovo Regional Business Manager Consumer on session "First Look".

Comes with 27 inch Full HD screen, the desktop all-in-one IdeaCentre A720 Intel Core processors supported the third generation. Before it was launched in Indonesia, Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 has been successfully awarded the Best Desktop Award from PCWorld at CES 2012.

One of the uniqueness of desktop All-in-One is the screen that can be bent to 90 degrees. "This IdeaCentre A720 can be bent -5 to 90 degrees," said Julius.

Touch screen desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium is powered Lenovo Enhanced Experience, which can make the time to boot up faster. Lenovo Enhanced Experience, says Julius, is a form of cooperation between Lenovo and Microsoft to speed up the boot time.

Carrying the thickness of 2.45 cm, IdeaCentre A720 also has a Blu-ray disc slot-in, HDMI-in and out and integrated with TV tuner.

In addition, the Lenovo desktop All-in-One IdeaCentre A720 also has a thin wireless keyboard, priced with a price range of $ 2000.

Huawei reject practice dumping in Europe

Huawei technologies

This time, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. denied having taken advantage of government subsidies in China. Refutation of this technology equipment manufacturers following a report that said the EU planned to conduct an investigation to Huawei into allegations practice of dumping.

As quoted from The Financial Times, officials of the European Union and an unidentified executive said the commission has been gathering evidence in cases involving Huawei and ZTE Corp.

"Huawei has not received communication from the European Commission about the investigation, but we are aware of media reports about this," said the Huawei.

"We reject the claims made in media Huawei dumping practice and has benefited from the subsidies are illegal. Where based second reason is that the European Commission will conduct an investigation."

China is the country's second largest trading partner of the EU partner after the United States. Blue represents the continent of China's largest trading partner, with trade value reached 500 billion euros (USD397 billion) this year.

Huawei employs more than 7 thousand employees and has indirectly created more than six thousand job opportunities in Europe, he said. In 2011, he bought the products and services in Europe with a value of more than $ 3,6 billion.

Fuji Xerox printers affordable price

DocuPrint 3105 printer
DocuPrint 3105 printer

Fuji Xerox has recently announced the availability of the DocuPrint 3105, A3 size monochrome laser printer with a target market of small and medium enterprises who require high-quality printing. This device brings the features, functionality and enterprise-class innovation to the medium enterprises market and claimed to have an affordable price.

Fuji Xerox Printers has a 30-year history of investment in research and development to deliver market-leading printing solutions. DocuPrint 3105 offers a product with the best technology for small and medium enterprises. Thus, they can save time and money to get the prints to A3 size with the best quality, including the ability to print A4 size.

"Among small and medium enterprises require advanced printing solutions where they need professional-quality business documents, but often they are confused to choose between affordable cost and performance. With the presence DocuPrint 3105, Fuji Xerox Printers offer printing solutions for A3 and A4 sizes with enterprise-class quality at affordable price," said Country Sales Manager of Fuji Xerox Printer Channel Indonesia Susanto Teddy, as quoted fom okezone.

DocuPrint 3105 has outstanding performance with the best quality print results and the highest speed in its class. Fuji Xerox Printer capable of printing up to 32 pages per minute for A4 size and 17 pages per minute for A3 size, thereby increasing the productivity of employees who have limited time.

This tool has a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and can be increased up to 2400 dpi printing through processing technology. This printer dimensional compact space saving office desks. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 3105 is available through a network of Authorized channel partners and resellers with a suggested retail price offered USD $900.

Windows Phone 8 device in Australia

Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8

Facts, news about the Windows 8 continues to blow. According to recent reports, some Windows Phone manufacturers is testing Windows Phone 8 device in Australia.

As quoted from Neowin, the site WPDownUnder reported, several sources have said at least three manufacturers that test Windows Phone 8 in the Australia. Indicates that the site, Nokia is testing a device that looks almost identical to the Lumia 900.

In addition to Nokia, the source of the site was also mentioned Samsung and HTC to test Windows Phone 8 in Australia. Until now, the blog mentions only three manufacturers, with no information on whether there are other manufacturers who are also being tested in the country.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone 8 will be officially revealed next month at the Microsoft's Developer Summit. Little information is known about the new operating system, unless the code name Apollo.

Even so, a wireless company executive once remarked that the operating system looks quite impressive. Windows Phone 8 is expected to debut with Nokia at the end of this year.

Fuji Xerox Docuprint 3105 printer energy saving

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 3105 printer
Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 3105

Few times ago, Fuji Xerox, the printer engine manufacturer announces DocuPrint 3105. The printer is in addition to having an official claimed that low-class, also brings energy-saving features that cater to Small and Medium Enterprises.

Along with the awareness of Small and Medium Enterprises on the environmental impact, the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 3105 is also developed in that direction. The printer is certified to have energy saving functions best in its class, with low power consumption when in sleep state and operate, even in sleep state power consumption of only 1.7 W.

Unique energy saving technology of Fuji Xerox also reduce the time of printing the first page. DocuPrint 3105 is also compliant with Energy Star to cut electricity consumption and electricity usage.

Toner Save is a unique feature also found on the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 3105 for saving toner consumption. Toner Save printer feature that has 4 toner density levels which can be tailored to the needs of users. With the lightest density level, users can save up to 50% toner. It is all ages benefit users in maximizing the toner cartridge, save costs and consumables.

DocuPrint 3105 was developed to make it easier for Medium Enterprises users who do not have IT staff in his company. Features can be directly used as a network printer installed.

Users also receive notifications via email when the toner and paper out and can immediately replace such materials to avoid a decline in productivity. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 3105 is equipped with a sensor that aims to minimize the full stack of paper jam condition caused by a number of documents that are still piling up in the output tray.

The business world has some important data that must be maintained level of security such as intellectual property documents, financial documents and personnel. With these considerations, DocuPrint 3105 offers security features to help companies protect confidential business information.

One is the Secure Print function to store the documents in hard disk drive up to the owner of the document enter a password at the control panel. Not only that, as additional security, Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 3105 encrypts the data before it is sent over the network. This tool also includes a disk overwrite system that serves to remove the data in memory after printing is complete.
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