iPhone 5 feature has self destruct

iPhone 5 feature
iPhone 5

The future smartphone, iPhone 5 is scheduled to be launched in four quarter 2012. More recently, circulating iPhone 5 video has self-destruct feature.

According to reports, Apple's smartphone uses Siri feature to run the Assistant built-in. With these features, the iPhone's screen will be destroyed if they are in the wrong hands. Thus as quoted from Emirates247.

Video of the animation studio Aatma explain how these features may destroy the device. In the video 32 seconds to load, if the iPhone was in the wrong hands the device will be automatically destroyed.

A lot of information circulating about the next generation smartphone from Apple. Earlier, a report revealed a redesign on the body of the latest iPhone. Computerworld site claims Apple will use exotic materials called LiquidMetal to iPhone 5. Apple itself has poured $ 30 million to acquire rights to LiquidMetal in 2010 ago.

LiquidMetal material in question is a mixture of several different metals. Implementation of these materials makes the iPhone 5 is more resilient to the external appearance resembles a liquid.
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