LG consider Windows Phone

Windows Phone
Windows Phone

Phonetechno predicts if Nokia with Microsoft mobile operating system causing other manufacturers to consider the future of their mobile Windows Phone, such as LG.

After read from TechRadar, LG is one smartphone manufacturers are considering adopting it. Because the current Windows Phone sellers around the world seems still low.

Uncover the news circulated that LG says they do not intend to make another Windows Phone handset in the near future. But on the other hand, South Kore-based company will continue to evaluate platform through his R&D platform.

"Total Windows Phone sold in global markets is not the numbers mean," said a LG spokesman for Korea Herald.

Nokia itself has become the most visible producers in Windows Phone platform, especially since the signing of a collaboration with the brand a year ago. They believe the move will be to alienate other manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung.

However, since then other companies like Fujitsu and ZTE have joined the ranks of Windows Phone. This makes the LG feels strange decision, although citing lackluster sales figures.

Whether this will be the beginning of the exodus from Windows Phone platform, or will the launch of Apollo (Windows Phone 8) in the future can help attract interest in LG?
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