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Online learning
Online learning

Did you know... Prestigious U.S. universities, Harvard University and MIT open classes for free on the internet. This service can be enjoyed by students around the world. Edxonline combined program uses an online learning platform MIT, MITx.

Partnership Harvard with the MIT provides a variety of courses, including the Circuits and Electronics. A total of 120 thousand students around the world can try out this course.

Courses are offered through this through video lectures, online quizzes, and examination of real-time. Students will receive a certificate of expertise based on their learning outcomes.

In recent years, the growing online learning system. With the support of high-level internet connection, adequate computer and assistive technologies such as cloud computing can help the implementation of this educational system. Edx into the newest and most prestigious in the splendor of this online education.

The Edx online learning platform also helps MIT and Harvard education institutions to attract the brightest students from around the world, as quoted from page

Director of Computer Science and MIT Artificial intelligence Laboratory, Anant Agrawal said edx also involves a new way to learn online with a machine that is programmed to assess the test.

Agrawal in charge of guarding the program explains, new experiments can be done to explore how people learn and improve the process.

When asked who the leader of the trends this interactive lesson, Agrawal pointed to Salman Khan. Graduate of MIT and Harvard is starting this method to teach his cousin via YouTube. Salman Khan now create an online learning platform, Khan Academy.
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