Norton 360 Everywhere security application

Norton 360 Everywhere
Norton 360 Everywhere

Norton 360 Everywhere security application have been circulating globally, though it has not landed in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. In the next few months, security applications made ​​by Symantec that will be used by the owners of the gadgets in the country.

"Norton 360 everywhere has been launched across the world, but not in Australia and Indonesia. The launch in Indonesia is still in draft. Maybe a month or two months more to be announced," said Norton Internet Safety Advocate and Director, Asia, Consumer Business, Effendy Ibrahim, as quoted from okezone.

Security system Norton 360 Everywhere is a security system with a code that can be used for multiple devices. "The concept of this security application is based on the number of devices. For example, five or ten devices in accordance with those of the family," he said.

According to him, with an activation code is owned by a variety of devices can be protected from malware attacks. For example, a code is used for protection in a smartphone's wife, husband, and then to PC and laptop.

"The license can be recycled from one device to another. Requirement is the amount does not exceed the quota. For example, selecting quota 5 people, the origin does not exceed the amount that can still be used," he explained.

He added that the current global security system, Norton 360 Everywhere is priced at approximately USD100-120.
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