Windows 8 feature not support DVD playback

Windows 8 feature
Windows 8 feature

We are know.. Microsoft to convince prospective clients that support online media is the focus Windows 8. In addition, according to this latest operating system will be compatible with H.264, VC-1, MP4, AAC, WMA, MP3, PCM, and a large number of other formats.

But, in the last post about Building Windows 8, the developer has confirmed that Media Center and support for DVD playback will not be present in the latest Windows operating system. Those who want to play these file types will have to pay an upgrade package or third party software. That decision was taken based on Microsoft research. They found the use of television and DVDs on personal computers has decreased suddenly.

So, those who want to have a feature to play the DVD on Windows 8 can buy add-on package that primarily integrate Media Center. These packages vary from one version to another Windows 8, but the option price has not been confirmed.

In the meantime, users also have alternative to install Media Player Classic or VLC Media Player on Windows 8 operating system. Both are free programs that can easily play DVDs.
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