Norton Mobile Security applications for Samsung Galaxy

Norton Mobile Security
Norton Mobile Security

This time, Android user who use smartphones made ​​by Samsung of the Galaxy family can be happy. Because the Samsung manufacturer it took Symantec to hand out applications Norton Mobile Security.

The security application is a complete security solution that offers the option to check the location of the smartphone users, so it will be more easily found if lost or stolen.

Another unique feature that is included in the security solution is to make users able to lock a lost smart phone, via internet or text message.

Using the Remote Lock, the Android users can create own secure sensitive data and block unauthorized access. While the Remote Wipe allows the user to erase the data on their smartphones by simply sending a short message.

As quoted from Softpedia (March 07, 2012), it seems that Samsung intends to offer Norton Mobile Security is the full version, to be used for 90 days. Security software for all users of the Samsung Galaxy will appear in various languages ​​via the Samsung Apps.

However, after the mid-free use for 90 days was completed, the user must purchase the application. Price license the use of Norton Mobile Security for one year priced at $ 29,99.

According to Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy of all devices are compatible with Norton Mobile Security applications, including LTE Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II, Galaxy, Galaxy Neo, and Galaxy S Hoppin.
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