Wallit apllication that combines Foursquare, Facebook and Instant Messaging

wallit application
wallit application

Foursquare application will get a serious challenge from Wallit. Wallit could say is an application that combines Foursquare, Facebook and Instant Messaging.

Wallit is an ambitious application for IOS. Its wanted to be part of Foursquare, part Facebook, part instant messaging, and the augmented reality. This application allows users to make posts on the "Wall" of a stadium or other location, but only if the user is in that location.

As quoted by Slash Gear, (March 07, 2012), the way it works is very interesting, the user does not pick up iPhone and directs the camera to share location in the sports arena, for example. Then you'll see postings and comment made ​​by other users who were there.

"We are trying to socialize augmented reality experience. With locations in the center of our system, plus a natural extension of augmented reality," explained CEO Wailit, Vesyel Berk.

Basically, it's like Foursquare, but with the social aspects were taken to a much greater degree. Foursquare lets users 'bragged' about where their friends in other places, while Wallit application want to show where you are, for others who are in the same place.

The company says it has created a virtual wall in places throughout New York City, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Ontario and Paris, and continues to build others around the world.
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