OnLive desktop application for Android users

OnLive desktop application
OnLive desktop application

The fact, OnLive desktop application was first launched in several month ago, and offering iPad users a remote access to full version of Windows 7, including its Microsoft Office. But how for android users?

Now, android tablet users can experience OnLive desktop application, which enjoys Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and Adobe Reader. As quoted from TechRadar, (March 02, 2012).

The service also promises to speed web-enhanced with a cloud to gigabit levels, resulting in accelerated cloud that cut off the connection when loading web pages and streaming speeds, such as the use of any WiFi speeds.

OnLive Desktop application is now available in Android Market United States for free, and there are also a number of versions that can be adjusted to your budget.

OnLive Desktop Standard can be obtained free of charge, Desktop Plus priced at USD4.99 per month, then Desktop Pro will be released at a price of USD9,99 plus 50GB of storage space in the cloud. For large businesses will also have its enterprise OnLive desktop version.
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