Identity Management a solution to IT company security

information technology security
Information Technology

Threats to Information Technology company's security system can be increased in line with technological developments. When talking about the issue of IT security, everything will be back on one key point, ie the identity.

"The number of applications that are more and more and lead to impaired users increased security," says Siva Belasamy, Regional Sales Director, Enterprise Security, Oracle Asean, as quoted from okezone (March 30, 2012).

Because, with so many applications, people have to memorize so many passwords. So to remember passwords applications, companies will usually be written on paper. According to Siva, it is dangerous.

Coupled with the growth of cloud computing and the increasing number of privately owned mobile devices, raises doubts about the Information Technology company security.

Identity Management solution
Identity Management

"When a view about security, we return to the main points, namely identity," added Belasamy.

The identity of the subject matter in focus to address the challenges Oracle cloud and privately owned mobile devices. Oracle Identity Management solution is claimed as a solution to security problems that can reach all platform applications.

"The reason people hesitate at the cloud is all about identity and data security. You see, the data belongs to us deposited in other places," said Belasamy.

Oracle Database Firewall can be used to match a user's identity provider, such as IP address. This can be likened to building a fence to secure data. When IP is used is different from the registered or commonly used to access the data, then the system will automatically reject.

Then there is privately owned mobile devices, or bring your own devices. These challenges arise due to the increasing number of mobile device users. People who normally access the work from the PC in the office, can now be done through smart phones, tablet, or laptop. So that critical data can be opened from any IT company.

IT security
IT security

This makes it very vulnerable to security. What if a device that functions like your fingerprint is missing?

Oracle Security Solution has features to resolve the issue. "You use the iPhone for approval important papers. System will analyze the habits, ranging from time, place, and IP addresses," he explained.

This means, when users access critical data in the hours outside the box, the system will perform rigorous verification. The same will happen when the device is used for accessing taken out of their home country, or when an ordinary user to access important data from a smart phone, do it through other devices (different IP). Verification is going to ask the user personal matters, such as name or about a question.
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