Lexmark Pro915 printer with full features

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Lexmark Pro915

Recently, Lexmark a printer device developer and manufacturer announced a multi-purpose product that enabled printer for office use, the Lexmark Pro915. This printer is claimed to produce good quality documents with full features.

As quoted from PCadvisor (March 28, 2012), although its physical form looks so stiff, but this Lexmark printer has all the major features that are commonly used for office work such as the use of a scanner, fax machine and copier that supports up to 50 pages and is capable of printing two sides.

In addition, Lexmark Pro915 printer with a size of 251 x 465 x 403 millimeters and weighs 9.2 kg supports connectivity such as WiFi and ethernet port. Input tray contained on this printer is capable of storing up to 150 sheets. The Company also provides the option for an additional tray that can accommodate up to 550 sheets.

Lexmark Pinter
Lexmark printer

Printer Lexmark Pro915 also has a 4.3-inch LCD screen with touch screen capabilities and screen saver feature. One of the LCD function is to display a countdown of the current page printing process. For electricity consumption, this printer uses a 32 Watt Universal Power Supply with a range of 100 to 240 volts.

These advanced printers are not only able to provide high quality paper to print the text, but also can print images with sharp quality. However, the print speed of the printer device is priced at more than 250 pounds, this seems less speeding, reportedly Pro915 Lexmark printer capable of printing at 10 pages per minute (ppm) for black and white, and 6 ppm for color.

And Lexmark Pro915 printer with full features is priced at 269 pounds.
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