Printer can print human bones

Printer bone
Printer bones

We are know if three dimensions printers are not new in the world of technology. However, three-dimensional printer which can print human bones are new things. Not only printing, this printer technology also helps bone growth.

A team from Washington State University have discovered how to deal with repairing bone defects and loss of bone mass caused by disease. Using the printer that produced by ProMetal, the team is working for a year customize the machine to be used in plastic materials.

Although this printer can not print a full bone, but this printer bones can produce a "bone bridges", such as a wire frame to place new bone grows.

Example if someone has a bad hip bone, the surgeon can insert "bone bridge" into the bone. In one week, new bone will grow around it. This is a new thing in the world of medicine because the doctor can encourage the growth of real bone.

"Bone Bridge" made of fine ceramic powder coated with a layer of plastic and manufactured in the printer. By using a CAD program, a spray of "inkjet" to the plastic and the ceramic powder can produce different forms of implants.

This process has been tested to the animals rabbits and mice and the results are good so far. With continued research printer can print human bones, trials for human could begin for the next ten years.
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