Canon Printer Pixma E500 saving ink

Canon printer Pixma E500
Canon printer Pixma E500

Recently Canon has introduced eight new printers in Indonesia. Including, Printer Pixma E500 is claimed saving ink.

Canon printer Pixma E500 is said to have a large capacity cartridges and with equipped Ink Efficient technologies so-called ink can be more efficient.

Black ink cartridge products that claimed to be capable of printing up to 800 pages. This is according to Aaron Merry, Canon Datascrip Division Director, makes the user do not need to replace cartridges less frequently.

As quoted from Kompas techno (December 04, 2011), Canon printer Pixma E500 can also print out the video. Video format. Mov can be printed as a series or montage.

Along with that, there are seven other Pixma printers announced. This is MG8270, MG6270, MG5370, MG4170, MG3170, MG2170 and iP4970.

Pixma MG8270 and MG6270 uses six ink cartridge system. Each of these are the two types of black ink, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Grey. Both printers also has a TFT screen to preview photos will be printed.

Other Canon printers, MG8270, MG6270, MG5370 and MG4170 Cloud features a link that allows the printer directly connected to the internet to access online photo albums. So, it can print photos directly from the Internet without connecting to a computer.
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