Fuji Xerox Printer DocuPrint CM205 f Review

Fuji Xerox printer
Fuji Xerox printer

A lot of portable gadgets such as tablet PC, smartphones, notebooks that sometimes need a printer to print documents created with these devices. So Fuji Xerox presenting a series DocuPrint CM205 f and M205 fw.

"This product is intended to support Apple's devices," said Vincent Sim, General Manager of Fuji Xerox ASEAN in Jakarta, 29 September 2011. "Users can take pictures through the Apple device is then connected wirelessly to the printer, and can immediately print," he said.

On DocuPrint CM205 f, printers that are designed specifically for printing color is the manufacturer to develop features the Print and Scan for Utility IOS. "This feature is useful to provide a complete solution to provide convenience for home users or small businesses," claims Vincent.

As a multifunction printer, this DocuPrint CM205 f device provides four integrated functions namely as a printer, copier, scanner, and facsimile. Own print speeds up to 24 pages per minute for black and white and 12 pages to color.

Other additional DocuPrint CM205 f features such as Direct PC Fax and Scan to USB Direct touted to save time and reduce paper usage. "With this work will become more efficient," said Vincent. "Software Docuworks 7 can manage digital documents of various formats. And the OCR feature to be able to turn paper documents electronically file," he said.

In the scanner, Fuji Xerox install LED scanning technology and DELCIS self in DocuPrint CM205 f to control the distribution of the LED light. The point is to produce quality, precise and accurate prints with resolutions up to 1200 x 2400 dpi.
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