Google SIM card tested in Spain

Google SIM card
Google SIM card

Google company may soon offer its own telecommunications network services, as can be seen that they were testing a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Google version.

As quoted from Stuff, Monday (September 26, 2011) Google's version of the SIM card being tested in Spain. Rumors can be seen from the photo, which implies that the biggest internet search engine may be trying his luck in the world of telecommunications.

According to some observers, it seems Google wants to become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which stores data on other networks, but provides the brand with its own name.

If the attempt is successful then there will be many Android devices that can use Google SIM card, although they had negotiation with many telecommunications service providers.

Analysts say if the results of Google's effort is a voice call rates are cheap and the loss of data roaming charges, then Google's effort to succeed.
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